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1 Hour. 30 Min. | Astro Maps: Discovering 10 Places In The World Session

1 Hour. 30 Min. | Astro Maps: Discovering 10 Places In The World Session


What is astrocartography?


Astrocartography is the astrology of a place. Originally known as locational astrology, and called: relocation astrology and astro-locality. Astrocartography is a techinque from the early 1300s and it is a way to understand which places around the world are beneficial for you in terms of career, money, love, children and family and identify the places around the world that would be uncomfortable, destructive, challenging and filled with loss that can significantly impact your life, home, family, career and businesses.


It is a type of astrology that configures your birth chart and shows what it would look like if you were born at that same moment in time in a different city of the world. A different city or country that you are potentially desiring.


Whether you want to move or vacation in Mexico or Europe?

You will need to know how the energy will be when you go there.


The different longitude, latitude and time zone will shift where the planets fall in your chart. Lines appear on the map to indicate when a planet in your birth chart has shifted to now fall at an exact degree of an angle (ascendant, descendant, MC, IC) in your birth chart.


One of the greatest opportunities [and] challenges in life is moving, traveling and relocating to a new area.


In this modern shifting world, everyone wants to know:

Where am I meant to go to find and have happiness?


There are places in the world that will be pure joy, fun and filled with love, while there will be other locations around the world that will attract bad situations or even bad luck to you while you are there. It is based on the stars and planets inside of your birth chart.


Session Questions That Can Be Utilized [But Not Limited Too]:

1. Is this location the best city for me to move to and live long-term?

2. How will my business be impacted by the move to this [x] location?

3. What countries are great for me to find love and marriage?

4. If I have to move to this location [x] through prior obligations, how can I make the best of it?

5. Is this country or state [x] that I am considering moving to, a great location for me to make large sums of money within my career?

6. What are the current influences of the city I am currently living in, and how long will this last?

7. When is the best time to go travel and vacation at this [x] location?

8. Is this the right location [x] for me and my partner to have a vacation wedding?

9. Is this the right location [x] for me and my partner to have a engagement party?

10. Is this the right location [x] for me and my partner to create a family and have children at?

11. Where would be the best locations for my retirement?


These questions are great guidelines of all the potential that you can ask during your own session!


Session Provides:

  • Creating multiple Relocation Charts to analyze and investigate for great outcomes

  • Exploring the luminaries (strengths and weaknesses of your Sun and Moon)

  • Explore the best timings to go travel or relocate

  • See the 10 places of your desires and what it will mean for you

  • Understand the best locations and negative locations out of your 10 choices

  • Discover what is happening [to and against] your Venus and Jupiter

  • Discover what the transiting planets are doing [for or against] your birth chart now and in the future

  • Learn the signs and houses of your birth chart

  • Learn about your important natal aspects

  • Learn everything listed above in the first section of this Astrocartogaphy page


Session Duration:

1 Hour. 30 Minutes


Session Requirements:

  • Need to know your own birth time, birth day, place of your birth
  • [Limited up to 4 people's birth charts for this one session] and you must know [your partner's, children and any family members] birth time, birth day, place of birth if this applies for your situation
  • This session can be used just for you to know your top 10 places or service can be used as a family bundle
  • Be promptly on time of session when it has been confirmed and scheduled in
  • Fill out the email that has been sent over to you with the proper correct information provided
  • Access to the Internet via Google Meet
  • Unable to access Google Meet? Other video conference call platforms can be provided for you.
  • Unable to connect to Internet? This session can become a prerecorded video + audio session where all of your questions will be answered. Session recording will be sent to you.


Session Experience:

A live Google Meet video + audio session. Live video calls are safe and supportive environments to cultivate peace and security with people nationally and internationally within the convenience of [the client] being at home or on vacation.


Session Terms, Conditions & Boundaries Before Buying:

  • This service requires the client to use a primary email address for contacting and reaching out for the schedule calendar to be sent out to them [the client].
  • This service requires promptly being on time on the day [of] the scheduled session.
  • This service provides one rescheduled session if the original session has been missed.
  • One rescheduled session has to be made upon 30 days. It will not succeed over the 30 day mark.
  • This service is permanet and non-refundable after payment has been completed.
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