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1 Hour. World-Travel & Relocation Astrocartography Zoom (6 Places)

1 Hour. World-Travel & Relocation Astrocartography Zoom (6 Places)


One of the great challenges and opportunities in life is finding and relocating to another part of the world, or country to live. The place that suits you well: makes you happy and offers the greatest opportunities.


In this modern shifting world, it's on everybody’s lips: Where to go for happiness?



Astrocartography is the astrology of a place. Originally known as locational astrology, it’s also known as relocation astrology and astro-locality.



There are some places in the world that may be pure gold, whereas others will find you in bad situations and without any means to get out. It’s entirely related to your individual astrological birth chart.


Opportunity may await you where you least expect it. But, it also works the other way around – what looks a 'great place' on the outside may turn out to be limiting when you get there.


Based on your natal chart in astrology, there is a map that corresponds to where the different planets were at different points on the map at the specific time you were born.


Just as there are supportive planets and challenging planets, there are more supportive and challenging places in the world for you.


Great example of this. The challenging places (Mars, Saturn, Pluto) are areas of growth. Venturing to planetary lines that are more difficult are areas to learn lessons and focus in on those particular energies in our lives.


This Relocation Astrology Reading will help you choose the most auspicious places to live in, work, find love or improve aspects of your life.


It will also focus on what areas you should avoid if you do not want to encounter difficulties. Moving to a new country or destination can indeed change one's destiny, the ancient initiates knew this and they would move whole nations and tribes across continents in order to change their fate.


In the same way, you can unlock sleeping possibilities from your birth chart, by moving to places which support the expression of these energies or avoid places which trigger difficult karmic and personality manifestations of yours. 


You will see the best 6 places around the world that you desire to know about for your upcoming move or travel for vacation or business trip.




This fantastic world astrology reading will tell you exactly how your revised horoscope turns out at any new place you choose:


1. Is this the best place for me to live?

2. How is my business environment (and career opportunities) changed?

3. Is this a place where romance can flourish?

4. If I have to go there, how do I make the best of it?

5. How do other people there affect me?

6. What are the current influences there, and how long do they last?

7. Can I travel in this location for the best vacation experience?

8. Is this the right place for me and my partner to have a wedding or an engagement party?

9. Where to go during a Mercury retrograde?

10. Is this a great place to create and build a family?


Those are just a few of the issues addressed when you a look at how your planets change their personalities when you pick up and go.


So whether your company is relocating you, you’re looking for new territory, or checking out a potential vacation spot, the Relocation Astrology report will help you check it out before you get even arrive.


This is a live Zoom video session for one hour long to explore 6 places around the world that you desire to know about for your upcoming move or travel for vacation or business trip.


This professional reading is for clients who are serious and need help with making the correct life-decisions when it comes to either finding out the best place to move (relocate), build a business in a particular area, finding a new home, or knowing where to best schedule and go to a place for vacation or creating wellness retreats.


An automatic email will be sent to you after purchase that contains the scheduling calendar and the necessary requirements needed for this specific astrology reading.


Purchase is nonrefundable and permanent.

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