3 Hour Astrology Consultation Session

3 Hour Astrology Consultation Session


During the session, your birth chart is anaylzed and explored to address your personal goals, to answer questions related to your Destiny and Purpose for the ascension of earth, best astrological timings to launch a business or project, the best astrological timings for getting married or when to have a baby or when to have surgery or when to travel across states or overseas.


In addition to what is listed above, this session will predict the year ahead for you. A written 1 year ahead astrology reading will be also emailed to you to have so that it can be printed out and looked over, in addition to a digital recording of the answering to your questions and the important highlights upcoming in your life.


Year Ahead Birth Chart Readings are 100 pages long, full length horoscope and deeply detailed.


In this session, the ancient knowledge of Babylonian Astrology, Sumerian Astrology, Vedic Astrology and Tropical Astrology are used to give a complete thorough insight, prediction and wisdom to be shared with you.


This astrological session is virtual and will be conducted and recorded live on Zoom or Skype. It is a private and confidential reading. Client will receive a digital recording copy for replay to have for themselves.


Please note this includes two different services: a 3 hour viritual session and a year ahead predictive written birth chart reading. Written Year Reading will take up to 1 whole month to write out and be sent through email to you.


An automatic email is sent to client once the reading has been paid. This service is nonrefunable once payment has been finalized.


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