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1 Hour. Astrology Reading (Skype or Zoom) Session

1 Hour. Astrology Reading (Skype or Zoom) Session


During this private session, your birth chart will be deeply analyzed, studied and explored to address and answer predictions related to your personal life such as:

• Personal goals and when to get prepared for them and when to accomplish them successfully.

• Predictions of when your love, sex and romantic life will be fruitful.

• Knowing when a new relationship is coming into your path.

• Knowing how to heal and remedy a current relationship or marriage with a partner or spouse.

• Best timings for surgery. Cosmetic surgery or health related surgery.

• Best timings for marriage.

• Best timings for divorce.

• Best timings for pregnancy.

• Learn if fame is part of your birth chart.

• Learning more about how pregnancy is being delayed or knowing the astrological details of what’s causing womb health issues, fertility issues, or miscarriage.

• Answering questions related to your Destiny and Purpose for the ascension of earth and more.

• Predictions on the best astrological timings to launch a new business, store, company or project to the public.

• Know the safest and easiest times for when traveling across the states or overseas to different countries.

• Upcoming health issues can be foreseen.

• Learn how your birth chart is able to give you psychic and intuitive abilities.

• How to get more in touch and deeper with spirituality.

• Understand the karma that you have since birth and how to properly clear the karma so that you can gain fortune, clarity, healing and success.

• Understand past life trauma and karma that’s happened to your soul before this present life.

• Learn how to heal ancestral lineage, heritage and roots of your family tree through your natal chart.

• Learn about all the 12 Houses in your birth chart to learn deeper about yourself.

Ask the deepest life questions and they will be answered.

Clients can ask up to 4 - 5 questions in the 1 hour timeframe that are to be predicted through astrology.

In this private video session, the ancient knowledge of Evolutionary Astrology and Tropical Astrology are used together in this session to provide cosmic medicine, wisdom, honest life answers, and predictions to you about what’s ahead in your life path.


This will be through Zoom or Skype.

Clients will receive a digital recording copy for instant replay to have for themselves after the session has been completed. The recording video replay will be sent through email in a private link.


This service is nonrefunable once payment has been finalized. An automatic email will be sent to you of the requirements needed for this video session and how to prepare for the reading.


Please be sure that Supernal Sacred Space emails are linked to your Inbox and that emails are not traveling to the Spam or Junk folders in your personal email account.

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