Ancestral Healing, Mending & Reclamation Shadow Work

Ancestral Healing, Mending & Reclamation Shadow Work


Ancestral Healing Shadow Work is a deep practice to connect with ancestors in the spirit realm of the highest Heavens and to heal the ancestors in pregatory realm that have suffered through different violences brought to them by colonialism, supremacy, captialism, imperalism, bigtory, xenophia, wars, sexual harms such as rape, slavery, chattel slavery, forced laboring, spiritual persecutions, witch hunts, targeted fires set on their homes, drowning through ships or other events by waters, and more sad and unfortunate violences, family stories and events that has happened to them. When an ancestor has suffered from harm, violence or even had family problems with other members, that energy of sadness, rage, povetry, fears about their psychic gifts and more travels through the blood lineage, through the body, through each pregnancy that happens in the family, to the new ancestor (you, your parents, cousins, etc) that are living in the current now.


In this deep shadow work session, we will explore your family history. The stories, events, violence, abuses and family secrets of your lineage that you are aware of and what you can receive from the family that are currently live, so that these timelines and living memories can be healed in safe space with energy healing, curanderismo, ritual and ceremony healing work, ancestral mending, sacred plant smoke, ancestral soul retrieval, invocation, limpia, meditation and sacred talking.


In this shadow work, we will clear and break off unwanted energy, energy that is harmful, violent, negative, ill and karmic entanglements and cords to be released from your ancestors so they can be freed from suffering and can transcend up to the highest Heavens again to be with the other family members.


Shamanic ancestral healing involves healing the patterns, pathologies and karmas that are present in the lineages of our families and ancestors.  Ancestral karma is the karma of your ancestral bloodline – it quite literally runs through your blood and is imprinted in your DNA.  It is what we refer to in conventional medicine as genetically inherited conditions.  These are the energetic patterns that get passed down for generations and generations.  They carry the energetic effect of the thoughts, emotions, actions and inactions of all of our ancestors.  They are the illnesses, limiting beliefs and patterns that are common in our ancestral lineages and present among many of our family members.  This can include some of the following: anxiety, depression, addiction, alcoholism, violence, abuse, secrecy, guilt, shame, abusive relationships, illness, cancer, racism, autoimmune diseases, infertility, allergies, asthma, misfortune, stubbornness, a bad temper, poverty consciousness, workaholic tendencies, patterns of sacrificing yourself for others, etc. 


In a shamanic ancestral healing session I will go into a journey back through your ancestral lineage to identify the origin of the ancestral karma, and works to heal the root cause of the karma to remove the living imprint of the energy from the lineage. 


A shamanic ancestral healing session benefits all past, present and future members of your family lineage.  By identifying and healing the root cause of limiting patterns, pathologies, illnesses and karmas in a family lineage, it lessens and removes their effects on current living family members as well as on all future generations to come.


Through cutting entanglements this is very key to healing current family dynamics also. Clearing imprints and timelines of pain from out of the DNA, this brings you to the highest consciousness with your own power and spiritual gifts, in addition to your ancestors passing on their gifts and knowledge to you at a higher volume. This is liberation work for your lineage, ancestors, heritage and for yourself. 


Afroindigenous shamanism is an ancient form of spiritual healing that is used to restore balance and wholeness by addressing the root cause of a person's problem, family karma or illness.  A shamanic practitioner uses a drum or a rattle to shift into altered states of consciousness so they may access different realities in the spirit world in order to bring back healing, information and power.  Shamanic healing is an effective form of healing to address any physical, emotional or mental health issues.  It is excellent for restoring self-confidence, self-worth, self-love, and a person's individual sense of power in the world.  


We will begin this deep ancestral healing work one-on-one in the month of January 2021.


This is a 7 day session healing journey. It is for two hours per each session on Skype or Zoom.


Each day the ancestral medicine will focus on different aspects of your family dynamic and lineage stories; maternal and paternal. We will reconnect with the grandmothers and grandfathers, the elders, of your lineage for healing and reconnection in addition to the oldest ancestors of your lineage bloodlines.


This sacred work is emotional. It is okay to be vulnerable in this safe space and share your story for healing, community, acknowledgment and to receive wisdom and clarity from Great Spirit and the Great Mother.


We encourage people who have experienced personal deep suffering, abandonment and violence within their own families to consider first experiencing the healing from our shadow work sessions of the Inner Child. Go to that session option to deeply read what that shadow work sessions contain and explore before going to this ancestral work if you have suffered from family harm yourself.


Our afro and indigenous ancestral medicine is blessed to serve you in this spiritual journey for you and ancestors. We bless you all in peace already.


We here for you for this deep healing work when you are ready.


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