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Ancestral and Personal Karma, Trauma & Lineage Gifts Astrology Session

Ancestral and Personal Karma, Trauma & Lineage Gifts Astrology Session


Everyone who incarnates on this Earth has a “story" and we also carry the stories of our lineage with us in our current lifetime.


We all have a multidimensional path that we walk upon. A path that our ancestors have left behind that we walk forward with to bring change, liberation and transformation with and the path that our own Destiny propels, guides and leads us forward with too.


Our Ancestral & Personal Karma, Trauma & Lineage Gifts (1 Hour) Astrology Session is a powerful invitation into seeing and discovering what the star constellations and planetary field reveals about your time of birth, the purpose of why you are here, and understanding your own lineage through Indigenous and Evolutionary astrology medicine tools.


This intensive astrology session explores the destiny from the stars about who you are and to help you heal and clear intergenerational trauma through Astrological Shadow Work. In this session, it is for the soul who is wanting to heal from their own personal trauma, inner child healing, unhealthy family dynamics and to understand their own healing, psychic and true gifts within and to give themselves the permission to have and embody these celestial and bloodline gifts. 


This session is great for the soul who is looking for connection to their family and ancestry in a new healthy way and to take their power back through the help and vibrational tools of constellations, stars and planetary bodies. 


It is for embracing the personal medicine, beauty, wisdom and powerful ancestry that is within and with the help of astrological shadow work to clear and heal the imprints of family violence, abuse, alcoholism, financial suffering, poverty, mental health imbalances, abandonment, and the afflictions that have came from racism, prejudice, slavery or genocides, colorism, family secrets, inquisitions, trauma from the holocaust, political warfare, exile, religious persecution, public shame, neglect and more. This is an energetic container and safe space to go deep into healing wounds that you are ready to heal and transcend from. 


Through Indigenous astrology, this is an unique style of an astrology reading because it explores the 4 Directions Wheel, power animals, the storytelling of the planets, and understanding the deeper positioning of the planets can reveal the cause and effect of any event; explaining the “why” to certain family upbringings and how to clear the emotional wounds, psychic body, subtle body, mind, and somatic state of the person from various formations of karma, stagnation and depression.


We will explore three different focuses that you would like to understand, heal and know about yourself and family upbringing through the lens of astrology. 


Great questions that can be explored and answered for but not limited too:

  • - Learning ancestral inherited gifts that have been passed down to you
  • - Healing childhood wounds or trauma in adult years
  • - How to come back home to the body and mind safely and grounded
  • - Healing specific relationships with certain family members
  • - Understanding how to love family members in different ways that supports your boundaries
  • - Understanding how to raise your own children in a high vibrational way without repeating trauma
  •  - Understanding how to raise the vibration in your current marriage in order to a different outcome from the history of family marriages through the help of astrology
  •  - How to heal chronic inherited health issues or prevent diseases from coming
  • - Understanding how to heal emotional wounds and mental health that you are experiencing
  • - Learning how to cleanse and clear karma from not-so-well ancestors; i.e ancestors who experienced plantations and slavery, religious trauma, holocaust, political exile, hate groups, sexual abuse, or other (etc)
  • - Questions for this session is not limited to these shared above except death predictions


Mandatory requirements for this 1 hour Ancestral & Personal Karma with Lineage Gifts astrology session:

  • - Must know your exact birth time (as seen on birth certificate documents)
  • - Must know the city, state and country of your birth
  • - Must know your exact birthday
  • - Have a readiness for understanding your True Self
  • - Know a general scope about your family history or cultural ties that you are seeking healing and help with through Astrological Shadow Work 


All private astrology sessions are held on Zoom or Skype.


Sessions are live and will be recorded. Clients will receive the video replay of their recorded astrolgy session that will be sent through email.


Once booking this session, an automatic email will be sent to you from the email you listed when booking at the check out page and it will contain the calendar scheduling in order to schedule your session in. 


We ask that when booking this session that you use your main (primary) email account that you are actively on so that you receive the automatic email.


This session is permanet sale and non-refunable.

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