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1 Year. Solar Return Birthday Prediction Forecast Reading | 10+ Pages |

1 Year. Solar Return Birthday Prediction Forecast Reading | 10+ Pages |


What Is A Solar Return?


On your birthday every year, you will get a new solar return chart.


This chart shows the current transits that are taking place on that day, and freezes them in time, so that those specific transits become symbolic for your entire year.


Even with less obvious transits, like seeing that transit Mars is squaring transit Saturn on your birthday, you will experience that Mars-Saturn tension for the entire year. Depending on what transits are taking place on your birthday, as well as what houses those planets are falling in the solar return chart can point to why certain years are so fun and full of positive growth, while other years are super hard and emotional. If you want to get the general vibe for how your upcoming year is going to go, you need to be checking your solar return. 


In history, birthdays have always been associated to being auspicous times in a person's life. It is revealed in centuries year old astrological data and texts that birthdays can show omens that will occur in a person's life and it is known as the times "God will listen very closely to your prayers," for wishing and manifestation purposes.


It is through a birthday that according to what the omens are that is happening on that day from the astrology, the events that are taking place and the moods and vibes of the people around you during the birthday itself, it can predict the wellness, blessings, financial success, romantic love and babies to appear in your 12-month cycle or if things are negative on your birthday, it will show bad luck, breakups, misforutune and, depending on certain cases, health issues can appear in your new 12-month cycle.


In this birthday reading through astrology, I will be looking in-depth at the important influences that will be taking place for you of an entire year. I will give accurate predictions and upcoming themes surrounding your finances, career, small businesses [if applicable], health, current relationships, the strengths and weaknesses of those relationships [personal, romantic, work, business, meetings, etc.], anaylze and investigate if there are any upcoming health issues to be warned or mindful about, religious [and or] spiritual growth, and more within this one year life reading.


This reading however will not talk about death. It is a reading about the realistic changes and growths, both positive and negative, connected to your life for one whole year.


Session Provides:

  • Receive an 10+ paged, typed, PDF document, emailed to you by master astrologer Réyel 

  • Exploring the luminaries (strengths and weaknesses of your Sun and Moon)

  • Discover what is happening [to and against] your Sun, Moon, Mercury, Mars, Venus

  • Discover what is happening [to and against] your 10th House; the place of career

  • Discover what is happening [to and against] your health

  • Discover what is happening [to and against] your finances 

  • Discover what is happening [to and against] your romantic life

  • Discover what is happening [to and against] your friendships

  • Discover what is happening [to and against] your family relationships

  • Discover what the transiting planets are doing [for or against] your birth chart now and in the future

  • Learn the signs and houses of your birth chart

  • Learn about your important natal aspects

  • Learn everything listed above in the first section of this Solar Return page


Session Format:

  • Typed and professional written personal one year reading for you.
  • Secured PDF Document format.


Session Requirements:

  • Need to know your own birth time, birth day, place of your birth
  • Be promptly on time of session when it has been confirmed and scheduled in
  • Fill out the email that has been sent over to you with the proper correct information provided
  • Access to the Internet via primary email address
  • Three week time window [to analyze, research and write] your one year astrology reading


Session Experience:

After two to three weeks of uncovering your birth chart and solar chart, the reading will be sent out to you via email.


Once email of reading has been received, [the client] has 10 days to download and save their document from the email before the document link expires after the ten days it was sent out.


Session Terms, Conditions & Boundaries Before Buying:

  • This service requires the client to use a primary email address for contacting and reaching out for the schedule calendar to be sent out to them [the client].
  • Client has to respond and fill out the requirements for this service within 30 days. After 30 days has passed and there has been no-contact by the client to the email, the service is voided and terminated.
  • This service is permanet and non-refundable after payment has been completed.
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