Birthday Astrology & Personal Tarot Reading

Birthday Astrology & Personal Tarot Reading


According to ancient astrology, birthdays are very auspicous times in a person's life. It is revealed in astrological texts that birthdays are a big time of omens and it is known as the time that "God will listen very closely to your prayers" for manifestation and fortunate will be granted to you. 


It is through birthdays that based on the omens, events and moods with the people surrounding you on your birthday, that it will predict that the next twelve months of your life will be positive, lucky, protected, fortunate and special with big major opportunities and blessings falling down on you or if the omens and events and people around you and how you are feeling on your birthday will manifest unluck, sadness, misfortune and deep regrets for the next twelve months ahead in your personal life.


In this astrological reading in written form, it will reveal the themes, positive energies and if there are obstacles and karmic issues happening around your upcoming birthday (also known as your Solar Return).


Tarot, clairvoyance, claircogizance and Great Spirit communication will be provided as well into this birthday reading of what the messages are from Great Spirit and the Great Mother to you for what's ahead in your birthday month.


This reading will reveal what is coming in accurate prediction of the upcoming birthday ahead for you.


Requirement for this astrological and tarot reading: Knowing your personal birth time, city, state and country you were born. It is needed for accurate astrological predictions and timings.


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