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Connecting & Repairing to the Emotional Body and Energy Field (Recorded)

Connecting & Repairing to the Emotional Body and Energy Field (Recorded)


In this class purchase, this gives you access to attend the live spiritual lecture that is this Sunday August 14, 2022 at 3:00PM EST.

This purchase includes having the class recording sent to you through email. For this class recording is for you to have, to work with, sit with and continue to deepen your spiritual timeline.

“Connecting & Repairing the Emotional Body and Our Energy Fields” is an advanced spiritual lecture that will explore these topics:

Knowing what is the Emotional Body

Knowing what is the Subtle Body

How to connect to our Energy Field

How to repair and reprogram our Energy Field

Why is the Emotional Body and Our Energetic System is Important

Why the Collective Consciousness is impacting us strongly during this Full Moon in Aquarius and the prophetic times that are ahead

What does sustainability really mean

Clearing energy blocks on your own

Understanding your soul’s state of consciousness

Restoring our vibrational consciousness of our True Self

and so much more will be explored, taught and discussed in our spiritual community during this live Sacred Sunday’s spiritual lectures.

Afterwards of this 1 hour class, we will engage into a brief and powerful shamanic energy session, to help us connect to the energetics that is surrounding us and to remove energy blocks from our bodies so that we can go higher into this Full Moon cycle of Aquarius.

Our shamanic experience will be for 15 to 20 minutes.

All classes are recorded.

This class purchase is non-refundable and of lifetime access.

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