End Of The Year 2021 Eclipses & Intuitive Tarot (90 Min.) Video Session

End Of The Year 2021 Eclipses & Intuitive Tarot (90 Min.) Video Session

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End Of The Year 2021 Eclipse session is a special service that is only provided once a year from Supernal Sacred Space.


Eclipses are very powerful and critical points in astrology and they bring in massive karmic clearing, big life change, pregnancies, deaths, family changes, legal matters, career upgrades or downfalls, spiritual experiences, and pivots people into a new direction in order to follow, align and accomplish their true Destiny.


When a person is not aligning to the eclipse energy, it can feel like "chaos" and constant ego death is around following the person until they decide to truly listen to their calling and surrender to the spiritual experience.


An example of this "chaos" is a sudden divorce, career change, a sudden pregrancy, or an illness happening to you in your personal life.


On the positive side of eclipses, when aligned correctly to these cosmic events, life changing experiences can happen to your life such as major financial wealth, marriage, meeting your true soul mate, building a family, pivot in career, important business opportunities, social media growth and popularity, inner growth, and spiritual moments of enlightenment begins to manifest in your life based on where the eclipses of the new moon and full moon will be “eclipsing” in your birth chart.


Eclipses are a major deal in the spiritual journey. It brings in growth, no matter if it a New Moon Eclipse or a Full Moon Eclipse, growth and a “wake up call” are guaranteed to happen to you regardless.


The intention of this session and energy work is to show you where the growth and life changes are happening in your own journey.


This live video recorded session will be on Zoom or Skype. All clients will receive the recording replay of their session after the live session has been completed and sent to their email.

November 2021 is the beginning of Eclipse season!

In this session, I will be predicting and analyzing how the New Moon in Scorpio, Full Moon Partial Eclipse in Taurus, and the December 2021 Total Solar New Moon Eclipse in Sagittarius will all impact you personally.

I will be discussing the Royal Fixed Stars, the New Moon, the Eclipses and other planetary events that’s happening in our current astrological sky.


It is important to remember that all planets and stars in the Universe are spiritual teachers to us. We have to open ourselves up to see this wisdom with the fullness of our hearts and spirits.


While the world is on collective reconstruction, we have a rare opportunity as this year 2021 closes to influence the direction of this Ascension.

All life on the planet is experiencing massive healing, clearing and global shadow work transformation at the molecular level.


We are consciously shifting the power structure from authoritarian aggression to heartfelt compassion. From exclusion to inclusion. We are evolving from disconnected human beings into becoming whole, complete divine beings. It’s a sacred time to take advantage of this alchemical luminescence.


All that is included in this 1 hour 25 minutes video session:

• Personal birth chart reading on how the New Moon in Scorpio, Full Moon Eclipse in Taurus, New Moon Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius, the Royal Fixed Stars, Neptune going direct and the helical risings of planets will be transforming your personal life.

• This will be a very detailed astrology reading on how the next 6 months will change for you in terms of money, career, marriage, love relationships, friendships, family, home and property, social media, health, spiritual wellness, and more.

• Receiving personal channeled and shamanic Tarot reading directly from Great Spirit on how to navigate the month of November 2021 and the month of December 2021 wisely to close this year successfully. In this portion of the reading, clairvoyance, claircognizance, trance channeling and mediumship will be used and integrated into the reading.

• All clients will receive a digital video replay of this 90 minute session for this will give the opportunity to pause, fast forward, rewind, and take additional self-notes with what is channeled, shared and discussed in this important session.


Total time is 1 hour 30 mintues.


Here are the requirements for this session:

If you do not have all the requirements for this session, you will be denied a reading and will receive a refund.

- Must know your exact birth time.

- Must know your birthday, city and state you were born in.

- Must have access to Zoom or Skype.



After session is booked and payment has been received, an automatic email will be sent to you of all the requirements needed and the calendar to schedule your End Of The Year 2021 session.

This session is non-refundable and final.


If you have any questions about this session before booking, please visit out Contact page and we will happily respond to provide you details, information and clarity before you book with us.