2021 Eclipse 45 Min. Session (Skype or Zoom)

2021 Eclipse 45 Min. Session (Skype or Zoom)


Eclipse session is a special service that is only provided twice a year from Supernal Sacred Space.


Eclipses are very powerful points in astrology and they bring in massive karmic clearing, change, and new direction that you must follow for your destiny.


When a person is not aligning to the eclipse energy, it can feel like "chaos" is around.


An example of this "chaos" is a sudden divorce, career change, a sudden pregrancy, an illness, etc.


On the positive side, when aligned to eclipses, beautiful manifestations occur depending on where it is at in your birth chart.


An example of this beauty is: finding your true soul mate who will be married to you, winning huge sums of money, psychic vision opens up widely in higher dimensional ways, a deep healing can take place, a newfound confidence and clarity is delivered to you of what your true calling and life purpose is in this lifetime.


Eclipses are a major deal in the spiritual journey. It brings in growth, no matter if it a New Moon Eclipse or a Full Moon Eclipse, growth is guaranteed to happen to you. 


The intention of this work is to show you where the growth is happening and how it will transform you.


May 2021 will be a very powerful and transformative month because of the Full Moon Sagittarius Eclipse!


Eclipse season and there will be 3 planets in retrograde, which will be Saturn Retrogade, Pluto Retrograde and Mercury Retrograde. Retrogrades also bring "chaos" if you do not know how to work with them properly and struggle with seeing the higher universal meaning of what they are teaching you.


It is important to remember that all planets and stars in the Universe are spiritual teachers to us.


We have to open ourselves up to see this wisdom with the fullness of our hearts and spirits.


We are entering a prophetic world-changing Eclipse Season with a powerful Total Lunar Full Moon Eclipse at 5° Sagittarius on Wednesday May 26, 2021 at 7:22AM EDT. All total lunar eclipses concern the emotional body, subconscious field, energy field, the physical body and immunity, relationships, life events and affects the emotional environment. Additionally, the three retrogrades that will be occuring will be playing a major role in changing and even ending karmic relationships and friendships from out of your life path. You will experience deeper healing on past relationships that free you from the past.


The Total Lunar Eclipse occurs in Sagittarius is amplifying the photon and plasma light infusions emitting from the Great Central Sun during the eclipse gateway. This is a rare interdimensional doorway into zero point potentiality. Let's take advantage of the opportunity and influence the collective field. Let’s rise into 5D relationships of loving harmony and collaboration.


While the world is on pause, we have a rare opportunity to influence the direction of this Ascension. All life on the planet is experiencing massive healing transformation at the molecular level. 


During eclipses, the galactic plasma light ripples through our entire lives, transforming us at the molecular level. 


The Full Moon Eclipse  accentuates Sagittarian themes of social justice and social freedoms around the world and a bigger level of decolonial work and ancestral soul retrieval. It is no surprise we are witnessing growing civil unrest and angry protests against injustices caused by the current power system. It is the citizens who will remove the corrupt system. Many ‘old guard’ timelines are decomposing, losing their grip of control and being replaced with ascending timelines of respectful co-existence and harmonious flow of abundance.


We are consciously shifting the power structure from authoritarian aggression to heartfelt compassion. From exclusion to inclusion. We are evolving from disconnected human beings into becoming whole, complete divine beings. Take advantage of the powerful transformative Light infusion saturating you in alchemical luminescence.


With so many planets in retrograde and a Full Moon Eclipse on the horizon, you may be dealing with unresolved core wounds, emotional reactions and karmic patterns that require introspection and clearing.


Provided in this Private 1:1 Session:

- Birth chart reading on how the Sagittarius Full Moon Total Lunar Eclipse on May 26, 2021 and the New Moon Eclipse in Gemini on June 10, 2021 will impact and change your life.  This will be a very detailed astrology reading on how the next 6 months will change for you in terms of money, career, marriage, love relationships, friendships, family, home and property, social media, health, spiritual wellness, and more.

- Channeled Great Spirit intuitive message, for 25 minutes with Caribbean Tarot, Oracle, clairvoyance, trance-channeling and clairsentience used.

- Client will receive a digital copy of the Skype or Zoom live video session after the session has completed for instant replay. This gives you the opportunity to fast forward, rewind and take additional self-notes with what is channeled and discussed in this important session.


Total time is 45 minutes.


Requirement for this Session:

- You must know your correct birth time in order for your chart to be read correctly so that you have proper information.


This special service will be available on this website until June 30, 2021.


After payment is received, there is no refunds for service.

An automatic email will be sent to you with the information you put into the "check out" page.


If you have any questions about session, go to our "Contact Me" page and we will happily respond quickly to provide you clarity before you book with us.