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Energetic Integrative Healing Session for Wellness Providers

Energetic Integrative Healing Session for Wellness Providers


Afro- Taíno Indigenous Medicine Woman and healer Réyel will be using her healing abilities, energetic tools, safety and shamanic training to feel the body, mind, spirit, aura, morphic field and the subtle bodies within fellow community healers, spiritual teachers, meditators, wellness facillators and practioners who are serving humanity and our communities with their work.


As healers, our energy is constantly "outputing" to others, for others and it is common experience to see healers go through extreme forms of fatigue, exhaustion, and even spiritual flu's from their own clients and audiences despite their own vibrational tools to cleanse and recharge themselves.


Who heals the healers?

Fellow trained mastered healers who are seasoned and serious in their line of medicine work.


This is an healing offering of an shamanic energy healing ceremony session that is specialized and intentionally made for healers only. 


In order to give thanks to our relations, of all colors and creeds, who put their life out there to the world daily to heal another person.


In the collective, the energy is intense, chaotic, dysregulated, harmful, violent and even ill.


To be of divine service and heal people within the collective and to empower, uplift, educate, empower and awaken our society is to be acknowledged, respected and appreciated. In this space, this is an ode to the service providers and space holders who also need a safe ceremonial space for healing, counseling, advice, energy work care, with special emotional and spiritual care themselves.


In this space, Medicine Woman Réyel will provide deep transformational energy work, whole body healing, and removal of blocks, challenges and other people's (clients particulary) energetic cords that tend to linger that need's to released and cleansed from off of you in order for you to be in the highest energy, clarity and wellness as possible to continue to do your own line of spiritual justice and healing work that's better and effective.

Our bodies have multiple layers of energy fields and vibrational cords, which includes the etheric body, emotional body, mental body, casual body, celestial body, ancestral body, astral body and spiritual body.


In addition to this, most people of divine service work are HSPs (Highly Sensitive Persons and Intuitives) that have an unique nervous system and ways of relating to their energy bodies, which also needs a special set of care, healing and assistance.

This private healing session is an energetic attunement; a tune up in frequency in order to continue to do the inner work and revolutionary work of the times.


In these 1 hour 30 minute intensive healing sessions:

  • Energy Clearing and Healing—energetic clearing of all the chakras, meridians, bodies, fields
  • Full Body Healing
  • Working with a particular emotional or energetic wound
  • Developing intuition and discernment so you can trust your gifts
  • Talk to guides or higher self for clarity on a particular subject
  • Clear or cut relationship cords or old client cords
  • Look at timelines and key life transitions
  • Nourishing the physical body
  • Explore your soul’s mission and purpose more clearly
  • Creating energetic boundaries, and cultivating energy protection
  • Honing spiritual gifts, talents, and healing abilities more sharply
  • Resolving Karma, this existence and others
  • Nervous System healing and repair for thorough regulation
  • Emotional Trauma Cleanse Sweep and transmuting related negative profiles
  • Physical Trauma Cleanse Sweep and transmuting related negative profiles
  • Release limiting and colonial beliefs, stories and systems from the soul, body and mind
  • Healing mental health, spiritual health and physical health
  • Removing capitalistic and colonial psychic attacks, entities, devices and hidden energy burdens from out of your body
  • Resolution of Curses from all times, dimensions, spaces and from out of carried ancestral lines
  • Supporting core needs of safety, reliability, belonging, purpose and being seen
  • Release of Non-Serving Contracts,  Outdated Agreements and Covenants, from this existence and others previously
  • Removal of Non-Serving Alien Genetics and Implants
  • Releasing Harm Cords, Sealing Wedges and Control Compartments, this existence and others
  • Offering of various Sovereignty Shields
  • Defined Re-scripting, any blocks defined by you supporting your suppression to higher consciousness and restoration of your Divine Oneness
  • Career and financial patterns removal
  • Genetic Predisposition to Illnesses
  • Cleanse of Drug and Alcohol Addiction and Disease
  • Monthly Blood, Energy and Lymph Cleanse Sweep
  • Monthly Toxic Metal Cleanse Sweep
  • Monthly Organism Sweep—Parasites, Candida Overgrowth, Worms, Flukes, Protozoa
  • Silicone Implanted Device or Constituent
  • Closing out negative portals and black magic curses from out of the aura
  • Cord Cutting and Vibrational Healing
  • Soul Retrieval
  • Healing Brain, Nervous System, Eyes/Vision, Respiratory System, Cardiovascular System and Endocrine System
  • Spirit counseling and integrative Earth-based wellness


Depending on what is needed for you personally, these sessions will include and involve cleansing with:

  • Herbs
  • Flowers
  • Honey
  • White Fire or Fire Sticks
  • Herbs, Flowers, and/or Prepared Waters for Baños
  • Puro (sacred tobacco) Cleansing
  • Sacred Plant Medicine
  • Indigenous Prayers and Sacred Medicine Songs
  • Florida Water
  • Coconut Water
  • Shamanic Journeying
  • Milk and other Herbs & Spices
  • Smudging & Feather Fanning
  • Herbal Broom Energetic Cleanse Sweeps
  • The Power of The Spoken Word
  • Quantum Energy Healing Medicine
  • Shamanic Drum & Tools
  • Direct Revelation

Energetic Integrative Healing and Wellness personal shamanic sessions honor the sacred cosmology of honoring our ancestral earth ways of taking care of the village and the community members.


Once booking this session, an automatic email will be sent to you from the email you listed when booking at the check out page and it will contain the calendar scheduling in order to schedule your session in. 


We ask that when booking this session that you use your main (primary) email account that you are actively on so that you receive the automatic email.


This session is permanet sale and non-refunable.


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