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Family Patterns, Siblings & Child Relationships

Family Patterns, Siblings & Child Relationships


Conscious parenting is a healthy form of parenting that fosters emotionally intelligent children. It is important and essential to create and sustain secure-functioning relationships with you and your spouse and your children.


Couples are often unprepared for the challenges of parenthood and lack a solid foundation in their relationship. 


Single parents are faced with figuring parenthood alone and doing double the emotional, mental, spiritual and financial work to create a safe and stable family, themselves.


Family Patterns, Siblings & Child Relationship astrology explores the deep and most significant patterns in your family which affect the different family members including yourself. Learn the healthy and unhealthy patterns and imprints within your family dynamic and how to make successful and better changes for your family to thrive long-term. This session will help you see the bigger picture of your family lineage and children’s gifts and purposes in this lifetime and you will realize things that may not be so obvious at the beginning, if you are just looking at your own chart without the professional skillset with astrology. 


You will receive valuable insights about your own role in this life as a parent [or as the child] and discover the true direction of the life that you are meant to live with your children and family.


You will receive the important lessons and powerful life themes for your whole family system and the ways to support your spouse and children. 


There are so many important life decisions and nuances that come with new parenting and the effects it has on the couple’s relationship dynamic or the single parent’s dynamic.


Through birth chart readings and discovering the alignment of a family, we can discover the key to raising well-behaved, academically gifted, successful, happy children. Unlock the success and joy of parenting in wholeness.

Family Patterns, Siblings & Child Relationships will unearth these important topics:

  • Unearth the keys to healthy ways of discipline and prevent the unhealthy ways of discipline that can cause major causes of dysfunction to a family’s generation.

  • Discover the family indications of what is the role of the parents for the particular child

  • Learn what the child needs emotionally, intellectually and spiritually [or religiously] from their mother and their father through the eyes of the child

  • Discover the personal characteristics of your child of what is their temperament and the best approach to communicate with them

  • Learn your child is a solar type or lunar type of child

  • Learn what your child’s advantages in life are and learn their weak sides that you can support them

  • Discover how your child thinks and their intellectual skills if they are practical and logical or emotional and subjective, fast or slow, conservative or original and how can you support the learning process; in which areas of knowledge this child will be interested in

  • Discover the indications for possible troubles with your child’s learning, and how they will connect with their teachers and classmates 

  • Learn career guidance for your child through the purpose of who your child is and best fields for them to succeed at and have happiness

  • Discover what type of family that you came from by discovering the blockages you gained as a child; the possible ways to override those blockages; and the meaning of the parental axis in your chart

  • Learn what type of parent you are and the planet that rules your particular parenting

  • Discover the generational patterns that can cause imprints within an lineage line

  • Discover important insights into recurring patterns, talents, and challenges that have been passed down through generations, helping you and your children break free from negative cycles and begin embracing the positive ones.

  • Discover the karmic connections that you and the other parent shares and the karmic connections [if there are] with between you and your children. 

  • Learn the concept of karmic ties within your family and how they manifest in your relationships, challenges, and opportunities.

  • Have all life, purpose and children questions answered for this in-depth session


The Family Patterns, Siblings & Child Relationships will focus on these session topics below:

  • Luminaries (strengths and weaknesses of your Sun and Moon)

  • Discover what is happening [to and against] you and your child's 4th House

  • Discover what is happening [to and against] your and your child's 5th House

  • Discover what is happening [to and against] your and your child's 7th House

  • Discover what is happening [to and against] your and your child's 8th House

  • Discover what is happening [to and against] your and your child's 10th House

  • Discover what is happening [to and against] you and your child's Moon

  • Discover what is happening [to and against] you and your child's rulerships

  • Discover what the transiting planets are doing [for or against] you and your child's birth charts in the now and for the future

  • Learn the signs and houses of you and your child's birth charts

  • Learn about you and your child's important natal aspects


Session Requirements:

  • Need to know your own birth time, birth day, place of your birth

  • Need to know your child's [or siblings] birth time, birth day, place of birth

  • Need to know your spouse's or [the other active parent] birth time, birth day, place of birth [only if this is applicable; not needed for single parents or siblings]

  • Session will cover [3] people's birth charts; you and [parents, children or siblings]; this is a total of 3 potential people [you are included in the 3]

  • Filling out the email sent over to you with proper correct information

  • Be promptly on time of session when it has been confirmed and scheduled in

  • Unable to access Google Meet? Other video conference call platforms can be provided for you.


Session Duration:

1.5 Hours


Translation: 1 Hour 30 Minutes


Session Experience:

A live Google Meet video + audio session. Live video calls will be recorded and you will receive the session recording through email after the appointment has been completed. Live video calls are safe and supportive environments to cultivate peace and security.


Session Terms, Conditions & Boundaries Before Buying:

  • This service requires the client to use a primary email address for contacting and reaching out for the schedule calendar to be sent out to them [the client].
  • Client has to respond and fill out the requirements for this service within 30 days. After 30 days has passed and there has been no-contact by the client to the email, the service is voided and terminated.
  • This service is permanet and non-refundable after payment has been completed.
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