Full Moon Intuitive Reading

Full Moon Intuitive Reading


The Full Moon Intuitive Reading is a sacred personal channeled message from Great Spirit to you. 


Full Moons play powerful roles in your evolution by directing and providing space for healing and purification to take place. It is a sacred time for energy clearing and breaking free from old dynamics.


It is dedicated to helping you release heavy emotions and karmic burdens. Full Moons will also enhance intuition, psychic impression, emotional sensitivity and amplify lucidity in the dream state. 


Secrets, truths, revelations, honesty and shadow work are enhanced and exposed during the illumination of the Full Moon. What happens in the dark, comes to the light.


In this service, you will receive direct transmissions from the Spirit Realm of what your spirit guides, ancestors, guardian angels and Great Spirit collectively want to communicate to you at this Full Moon. 


As Full Moons are all about clearing, banishment work, releasing, praying and manifestation, Great Spirit will intuitively read your energy field (soul body) and tell you very personal messages of what or who needs to be released from out of your life; what you need to heal and let go of, and what the Full Moon is bringing to your attention.


This is a general reading specifically for the Full Moon.


All things written are intuitive psychic messages transmitted directly from trance-channeling.


Clairsentience, Clairvoyance, Claircognizance, Trance-Mediumship, Tarot, Oracle, Precognition and Intuition are all used for this service accuracy.


Full Moon Intuitive Reading is 2 to 5 pages long of deep transformative messages for your soul, shadow and heart.


An automatic email is sent to you after you have booked this service. All sales are final and permanent.


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Inside of the automatic email, all that is required for this birth chart reading will be asked.