Full Moons play powerful roles in our evolutionary ascension, healing and purging processes. They enhance intuition and the dream state. 

Full Moons are a time of releasing the old, even if that means ending certain soul contracts with people and to receive a culmination of gains from the seeds planted during the time of the New Moon cycle.

Secrets, truths, revelations, honesty and shadow work are enhanced and exposed during the illumination of the Full Moon’s glow. 

What happens in the dark, comes to the light.

Purpose of Full Moon Intuitive readings are to allow Spirit to reveal direct messages to you of how this current Full Moon cycle is wanting you to release what’s the obstacles in your life in order for soul expansion, attunement and life prosperity to be in your life. 

These readings are transformative for clients emotionally, mentally, spiritually and based on question of the client.

Detailed channeled accurate messages by Spirit and the Akasha of 2 to 4 pages of content.

Clairvoyance, clairsentience, clairaudience, shamanism, astrology, precognition,  intuition, trance, automatic writing, meditation, Oracle divination and the Caribbean system of Tarot Wisdom collectively to deliver powerfully accurate emotionally invoking divine messages for the client whom is seeking help, clairity, and gudiance in their personal life.

Full Moon Intuitive Reading