Healing & Health Report and Astrological Remedies with Medical Astrology

Healing & Health Report and Astrological Remedies with Medical Astrology


Medical Astrology is an ancient astrological branch that focuses primarily on body tissues, organs, veins, systems and more with the deep understanding, knowledge and wisdom of the planets.


Astro Diagnosis is the science and art of obtaining scientific knowledge regarding disease and its causes as shown by the planets, as well as the means of overcoming it. The main utility of medical astrology is to deliver an indication as to whether the cosmic effects extant at the time of a disease are likely to be beneficial or detrimental to the sufferer. Iatromathematics can be applied likewise in prophylaxis.


Explored in this Medical Astrology Healing Reading:

- Time and date of when you first became ill or injured.

- Severity of the pain you are in

- Nutrition

- Diet

- Astrological Remedies

- Accurate prediction on the best timings to have surgery

- Accurate prediction on the worst timings to have surgery


General medical astrology outlook (weak spots for health) based on your natal chart, and provide healing remedies.


It is through this Healing Reading with Astrological Remedies service that your birth chart will be explored thoroughly on what is currently causing illness, cancer, flu and disease within you. An astrological forecast of upcoming illnesses that can happen to you within the next three months will also be provided as a prevention measure for your safety and health.


This is a written healing report that will include astrological remedies and herbal plant medicine recommendations, including the health analysis of what is revealed currently. This will be a multiple page reading; depending on the severity of what is seen.


Health, Remedy & Medical Astrology Session is 1 hour long video recording. This can be a live video session or a hour video pre-recording session that is sent to you through email. According to your preference.


It is a requirement to know your birth time, the city, state and country of when you were born. We will not conduct this astrological reading without that vital information.


An automatic email is sent to client once the reading has been paid. This service is nonrefunable once payment has been finalized.


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