Inner Child Trauma Healing Shadow Work Sessions

Inner Child Trauma Healing Shadow Work Sessions


Inner Empathic Child is a reference for Shadow Work Therapy that focuses on facing and healing the child (you) within.


The empathic client's childhood whom has been abused, silenced, ignored, severly punished, sexually harmed, neglacted, forced to do things, was an latchkey kid, and/or currently still suffering from the narcissitic-empathic relationship dynamic whether its from a parent, family "friend", spouse, or platonic friend.


With Shadow Work, the healer will use talk-therapy, channeling, advice, and provide cord cutting instructions for you. Through clairvoyant channeling, psychological therapy and photo energy reading, the healer goes into the past and finds the child you to observe what was happening and to communicate with him/her.


This style of energetic therapy increases access to childhood memories, thoughts and feelings as a part of a psychotherapeutic process.


Email and phone are both used for this service.


Service includes:

2 days of intense therapy session of dedicated shadow work. It is 2 hours of each day.


Focusing on Healing:

- Clearing old programs

- Clearing toxic sexual energy auric residue from previous encounters and partners

- Removing trauma energetically, emotionally, and psychologically

- Breaking free of old karmic relationships and re-loops

- Establishing new boundaries

- Breaking psychological patterns of Enmeshment

- Reparenting the Inner Child and Inner Teenager


Exploring the Frameworks of: 

- Trauma Bounding

- Soul Fragments

- Forgiveness

- Heart Alchemy

- Emotional Intimacy Wounds

- Being Silenced

- Invalidation

- Bullying

- Trauma from Incest or Molestation

- Rejection

- Physical Abuse

- Verbal Abuse

- Emotional Abuse

- Mental Health

- Spiritual and Religious Abuse, Cult Abuses and Restrictive Experiences

- Shifting into higher consciousness about relationships, Self, family and body

- Healing and ascending timelines correctly


Clients will receive the Inner-Empathic Child Workbook with this session.


This healing work requires consent, openness, honesty and vulnerablitiy.


All shadow work healing sessions are private, personal and confidential.


An automatic email is sent to client once session has been paid for.


Please be sure that Supernal Sacred Space emails are linked to your Inbox and not traveling to the Spam area in your personal email account.


Shadow Work Sessions are non-refundable after the purchase has been made, however rescheduling dates and times are available.