Lion’s Gate Portal Activation Reading

Lion’s Gate Portal Activation Reading


The Lion’s Gate Portal is one of the most powerful events that happens once a year, every year, of when Earth's energetic field is heightened in spiritual power as the veils that surround our Earth is removed completely for a single week with its peak on August 8th with the Star Sirius.


For highly sensitive people, the affects of the Sun in Leo of its true rulership and interacting with the star Sirius, can be felt weeks in advance and the light body changing, ascension systmptoms occuring, vivid dreams of clairvoyance occuring rapidly and more that happens leading up to the August 8th peak. This is due to the Earth's chakra that is underneath The Great Pyramids of Egypt that is opening up its vortex and increases the Schumman's Resonance frequency across the oceans.


The Lion's Gate Portal happens once a year and here at Supernal Sacred Space, Medicine Woman & Indigenous Evolutionary Astrologer Réyel, offers a special reading for all those who are connected to Mother Earth deeply in their own rights, feels the activity of the Lion's Gate Portal and wants to know the pivotal psychic messages and channeling that is coming through about their exact life path, receive accurate guidance and to know what is ahead for them.


What makes this offering special and unique is because of the higher ascended beings that come through to channel into Medicine Woman Réyel, such as the Galactics and The Holy Ones who have a different approach to understanding the changes that our human body goes through, the metaphyics of our universe and what's ahead for humanity from their perspective. Due to them being of a higher dimensional energy, the affects impact and alter Réyel's energy field, body, health and speaking ability to match their energy, which is reason why this offering is only given once a year instead of 365 days a year. 


She will enter into a spiritual altered state of consciousness to channel and visit the Spirit World and begin to answer your questions directly in revelations, trance channeling, clairvoyance, clairsentience and precognition with Great Spirit, the Star Ones, the Galactics, the Holy Ones, animal guides and the elementals.


This session is for 1 hour of direct channeling, astrology and a small portion of Tarot.


A cosmic alignment that allows the invisible spiritual world and the visible physical world to be open and joined together, ushering in powerful manifestation energy to come to our collective and to timeline jump ahead into New Earth, the future, world peace, altruism, sovereignty, and personal dreams coming true.


Our sessions are provided through Zoom or Skype video and the video recording will be sent to the client after the session has been completed.


The video recordings gives you the opportunity to fast forward, rewind and pause the channeled video to take additional self-notes with what is shared and coming through within the session.


Necessary Requirements for this Lion’s Gate Portal Session:

— Need to know your own exact birth time


The special offering is available now Friday July 1, 2022 - August 14, 2022


Once booking this session, an automatic email will be sent to you from the email you listed when booking at the check out page and it will contain the calendar scheduling in order to schedule your session in. 


We ask that when booking this session that you use your main (primary) email account that you are actively on so that you receive the automatic email.


This session is permanet sale and non-refunable.