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1 Hour. Love, Intimacy & Relationship Intuitive Tarot Video Session

1 Hour. Love, Intimacy & Relationship Intuitive Tarot Video Session


This is a Love, Intimacy & Relationship shamanic channeling and Tarot one hour video session.

This video session provides professional mediumship, Spirit communication, automatic writing and clairvoyance to receive accurate and psychic details about your love life with your romantic and sexual relationships.

In this intimacy and love session, you will be receiving important truths about your current relationship and what the future and Destiny is for both souls together. It will give you the “why” you two have came together on the path and is that path a long term one or a short term one.

In this love reading, you will learn what the strengths and struggles are in this relationship and receive spiritual guidance on how to prevail and sustain this relationship to be healthy, whole, authentic and unconditionally loving.

This is a space to unpack your relationship burdens: trauma-bonding, karmic relationships, healing from sexual abuse or domestic violence situations that had occurred or is ongoing in relationships, healing from experiences of depression or frustations from relationships or singlehood.

This session will provide heart-led spiritual and healthy communication development and new ways to heal yours and your partner's heart wounds, do boundary work, explore intimacy and passion and enhance your love experience.

This is a service to also help those who are single on this journey and looking for guidance on when new love will enter their lives.

The intention of this private video session is to help you receive clarity and for to actually experience a genuine love connection and secure relationship.

If you are a person who is talking to multiple people, this video session will provide Spirit direct answers on who you are meant to focus on and who is determintal to your spiritual health and soul energy.

Allow Spirit to deliver a transparent and raw message to you regarding your love life with this person.

This service is for anyone.

Tarot Wisdom, Alchemy, Psychology, Tantric Education, Gnostic Teachings, Shamanic Channeling and trance channeling are infused in this powerful live 1 hour video session of connecting and receiving direct communication from the Spirit World.

Clairvoyance, clairsentience, Oracle and the Caribbean system of Tarot are used in conjuction with direct messages from God.

All sessions are final and non refundable after payment has been finalized.

You will receive an automatic email for scheduling your session.

Due to the times that we are in, 15% of all financial proceeds of these sessions will be given to the Global Citizen Humanitarian Organization in efforts to help the women, children, elderly and men in the Ukraine to help stop this senseless war and save them from further trauma and violence.

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