Direct Spirit Communication about your romantic and sexual relationships. 

Receive the truth about your current relationship; it’s strengths and it’s struggles. 

This is a space to unpack trauma-bonding, karmic soul contracts, sexual abuse, domestic violence situations and feuds.

This session will provide healthy communication development and ways to your heart wounds, do boundary work, explore intimacy and passion. 

The intention of this session is to help you receive clarity and for you to actually experience a new genuine love connection, engagement, marriage and have a bright loving future. 

If you are single and have been desperately looking for the right partner to open your heart too, allow Spirit to reveal the divine message to you. See when new love is on it’s way. 

If you are a person who is talking to multiple people, find out which person to focus on and who to leave behind in order to have the healthiest highest vibrational love relationship for your spirit and theirs!

For people who already in an established relationship, see the roots to the problems you are experiencing in your romantic relationship with your current partner. This is a perfect opportunity to see any problematic issues that can be healed, mended, resolved and worked out or walk away from.

This is an opportunity to see how to prevent future difficulties ahead and for revelation to appear now about your partner. Allow Spirit to deliver a transparent and raw message to you regarding your love life with this person.

To those who are separated Twin Flames, this private 1-on-1 session will help you gain clarity on why the soul union has been difficult to keep and have. 

What is your Divine Feminine or Masculine currently going through? 

What is the message they want to tell you in the Spirit World? 

Is this relationship toxic and abusive? 

Are you both enduring the runner-chaser dynamic and want to be set free from it? 

Are you confused if this person is worth continuing and fighting your validation and heart for? 

Are you sure this person is your Twin Flame or are they a karmic partner?

It can be revealed to you.

Tarot Wisdom, Alchemy, Psychology, Tantric Education, Gnostic Teachings, Shamanism and trance are infused in this powerful video session of the Spirit World.
Clairvoyance, clairsentience, Oracle and the Caribbean system of Tarot are used in conjuction with direct Spirit (Omnipresence) Communication to channel powerfully accurate emotionally-evoking divine messages for the client whom is seeking clarity, answers of honesty, direction and guidance in their love life.
Skype video session is for 30 minutes. Sessions will be recorded. 

Additional payment is charged for exceeding the 30 minute benchmark.

Disclaimer: If you use PayPal, the email connected to that account will be sent an email from us.

An automatic email is sent to client once session has been fully paid for. There are no refunds after 24 hours of purchase.

Love & Relationship (30 Min.) Video Session