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1 Hour. Love, Soul Mates & Relationship Astrology Video Session

1 Hour. Love, Soul Mates & Relationship Astrology Video Session


The Love & Relationship Astrology Video Reading is a live video session birth chart reading that focuses on compatibility, synastry and the predictive fate of how two people's romantic connection will last.


In our video session, we will answer questions related to romantic dates, upcoming marriage, divorce and healing from breakups. We will answer questions connected to how and why there are relationship arguments happening recently between you two and also ways to heal, repair and fix the relationship situations. We will answer questions related to “Is this person going to marry me?” “Is this person my soul mate and our we compatible for long term or just a romantic fling?” And so much more questions that you personally have about your love life can and will be answered in this session.


If you are already in a marriage, we can give accurate healing and clarity through astrology on how to fix and heal the marriage.


If you are in a marriage or a relationship, but are not happy and are wanting to terminate the connection but unsure of when to do this transition, we will look through the planets and upcoming star events that can help you have that transition with ease and empowerment.


This 1 Hour Video Session is in-depth, detailed and accurate astrological reading for people who are looking for love, soul mates or how to heal their already established current romantic relationship with a partner, fiance, husband or wife.


Astrological insights reveal the energy exchange and harmony between two people and will show the disharmony, if that is indicated by the planets and synastry between one another.


Astrological insights reveal the strongest times where the both people will feel deeply loved and appreciated by one another, the months and days that are best for romance, sex and going out on dates, but it will also reveal the astrological timing when a relationship between two people will fall apart due to karmic energy of the planets and of their own destinies according to both of their birth charts.


It will also indicate future pregancies and relationship obstacles ahead.


We provide cutting-edge truth and honesty.


There will be no sugarcoating on what the Universe is saying above about the relationship.


Depending on the situation of the client:

Herbs, roots, oils, and astrological remedies can be recommended for them to bring in real love manifestations into their life. Our astrological love remedies and ritual recommendations will be according to correct astrological timing with the constellations above with the planets and you will receive the most fortunate divinely spiritual day and time to do the specific calling in divine love ceremony.


Necessary Requirements for this Love, Soul Mate & Relationship 1 hour video session are:

Know your exact birth time

Know your partner or potential crush's birthday and birth time (if applicable to the needs of the session)


Once booking this session, an automatic email will be sent to you from the email you listed when booking at the check out page and it will contain the calendar scheduling in order to schedule your session in.


We ask that when booking this session that you use your main (primary) email account that you are actively on so that you receive the automatic email.


This session is permanet sale and non-refunable.

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