Love & Relationship Astrology Reading

Love & Relationship Astrology Reading


Love & Relationship Astrology Reading is a written birth chart reading that focuses on compatibility, synastry and the predictive fate of how long the romantic connection will last; such as going into a marriage, children, divorce or breakup.


This is an in-depth astrological reading for people who are looking for their soul mates or how to heal their already established soul mate relationships with a partner, fiance, husband or wife.


Astrological insights reveal the energy exchange and harmony between two people and will show the disharmony, if that is indicated by the planets and synastry between one another.


Astrological insights reveal the strongest times where the both people will feel deeply loved and appreciated by one another, the months and days that are best for romance, sex and going out on dates, but it will also reveal the astrological timing when a relationship between two people will fall apart due to karmic energy of the planets and of their own destinies according to both of their birth charts. It will also indicate future pregancies and relationship obstacles ahead.


This astrological reading will provide cutting-edge truth and honesty. There will be no sugarcoating on what the Universe is saying above about the relationship.


If you are not in a relationship and are single, astrological insight will show the best days that Venus is in your highest favor for love and meeting your truest soul mate. Predictions are revealed here of the best days and months, in addition to answering your question.


This astrology love and relationship reading is in written form and will go in-depth on the houses, aspects, degrees in the charts pattern and the currently astrological forecast above.


It is important to know your birth time and your partner's birth time and where you both were born at for this reading. Knowing the date (anniversay) that you two began dating or romantically speaking to each other is helpful information but if unable to provide your anniversay date, that is fine.


If you are single, you will need to your birth time and where you were born at for this reading.


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