Monthly horoscope readings are for the current 30 to 31 days in the current month.


This is a great way to see how retrogrades, planets stationing direct, new moons, full moons, and royal stars will affect you for the entire month, so that you have awareness and not be left 'stuck in the dark' of how things will happen for you.


This is an incredible way to know exactly how your personal month will be, for your birth chart is unique and the current planets and stars in the sky above us, react and trigger your chart differently than the person beside you. 


This is sacred medicine to know exactly how the cosmic movements of the planets and stars will affect you every single day of the next 4 weeks will be for you.


This is a powerful tool for all people, no matter if they are artists, businessmen, healers, ritualists, athletes, public speakers, activists, doctors, astrologers, and the normal person, who wants to know when exactly to launch a project, when to sign the right deal and contract, when to have a meeting and when not too, when you will get a promotion and raise at work, and how to best navigate relationships, and much more. 


By being in Oneness with the alignment of the sacred energies of the planets, you become a divinely informed instrument in human form on what to manifest and what to look out for as a warning, because you already know ahead of time how your month will be.


This is NOT a generalized 'zodiac' horoscope for all people in a certain Sun sign group. This is a highly specific and accurately detailed horoscope for you and your reality for the current month (30 - 31 days).


This personalized horoscope will provide you insights into your quantum soul-human experience here on this Earth for you to gain a solid understanding of how the moon, the stars and the planets are working with you and for you, as well as the celestial messages they hold.


These sacred reports are 18 to 30 pages long of detailed information written report (that is not computer generated) of scientific and intuitive blended insights. This horoscope is infused with the sacred ancient knowledge of Babylonian Astrology, Vedic Astrology, Western Astrology and Jaimini Astrology educated awareness of how the transits of the stars will trigger and inspire you.


An automatic email is sent to clients after purchase is made of the needed requirements to begin the horoscope.


There is no refunds after 24 hours. 

Monthly Personal Astro Horoscope (30-31 Days)