The moon’s phases impact the oceans – the rising and lowering of the tides (ebbs and flows), the hunting and breeding cycles of animals, the growth of plants and the human behavior.

Given that we’re made of 75 percent water, it’s only fair to say the moon has some effect on human beings as well. 

Our water that our body holds inside is pure consciousness and the New Moon rebalances, heals, activates and changes the molecular structure of the inner-body. 

New Moons awaken a new level of reality and clarity into a person’s subconsciousness.

During our everyday lives, we get busy, and our energy and attention is scattered. The best way to get more in touch with ourselves and our emotions is to observe our emotions based on the phases of the moon.

New Moon Energy: 

The best time to manifest! This is the birth of a new cycle. An energy of vibrant, magic-filled energies. Carefully plant seeds to manifest, bringing life your greatest desires.

Allow Spirit to directly communicate with you in this written reading of what new doors of opportunity, healing and change is unlocked for you personally: emotionally, mentally, financially, spiritually, romantically and more.

This is 2 to 4 pages of detailed channeled messages directly from Spirit and the vibrational system of the Akasha in written form.

Clairvoyance, clairsentience, shamanism, Oracle, and the Caribbean system of Tarot are used in conjuction to channel powerfully accurate emotionally-evoking divine messages for the client whom is seeking help, clairity, and gudiance in their personal life during this current New Moon cycle!

New Moon Intuitive Reading