New Moon Intuitive Reading

New Moon Intuitive Reading


The New Moon Intuitive Reading is a sacred personal channeled message from Great Spirit to you. 


In this service, you will receive direct transmissions from the Spirit Realm of what your spirit guides, ancestors, guardian angels and Great Spirit collectively want to communicate to you at this New Moon. 


As New Moons are all about intention-setting, praying and manifestation, Great Spirit will intuitively read your energy and tell you a very personal message of what or who is coming into your life at this time and what you need to personally heal from and focus on as the new beginnings approach.


This is a general reading specifically for the New Moon. By connecting with the New Moon (properly) it allows you to experience Attunement and Self Realization.


All things written are intuitive psychic messages transmitted directly from trance-channeling.


Clairsentience, Clairvoyance, Claircognizance, Trance-Mediumship, Tarot, Oracle, Precognition and Intuition are all used for this service accuracy.


New Moon Intuitive Reading is 2 to 5 pages long of deep transformative messages for your soul and heart.


An automatic email is sent to you after you have booked this service. All sales are final and permanent.


If you are using PayPal to pay for this service, the email address connected to your PayPal account will be the email that will receive the automatic email.


Inside of the automatic email, all that is required for this birth chart reading will be asked.