New Moon Birth Chart Reading + Personal Manifestation Ritual

New Moon Birth Chart Reading + Personal Manifestation Ritual


The New Moon Birth Chart + Ritual reading is a powerful tool and guidance for you to work with the energies of the astrological transits that are taking place at the current New Moon.


This is an very detailed and deep personalized astrology reading. It is over 5 to 10 pages. 


This will explore the aspects and transits that are currently happening inside of your birth chart and will explain how certain planets are weakening or harming your chart, and it will explain how certain planets are boosting your power and manifestation ability within your birth chart. 


New Moons are all about manifestation and planting intentional seeds that will grow tangible in your life.


Every New Moon is different and that means that your intentions and how you do altar work, ritual work, prayer work, candle work, and journaling should be different each time.


Manifestation and Alchemy are serious powers of magic. It is to not be taken lightly. In order to see real change and real blessings enter your life, this service is excellent for you to experience to see the results yourself 1:1.


Based on where the New Moon travels in your chart, it can be a time to manifest soulmate love and heavy romance, or it can be a time of business and career prosperity, or it can be a time of deep reflection and self-healing. It varies based on each lunar month this year.


Energy of a New Moon continues for two to three weeks until the next Full Moon arrives. Clients have this window period to do their personalized rituals.


The way we at Supernal Sacred Space do astrology is different than other people. We explain aspects and the moon's mysticism in a modern easy-to-grasp way. As we go in-depth with breaking things down and explaining the importance of what's happening in your chart, it is written in a way that is purely understandable; it will not be too 'scientific' language that is boring and hard to learn. This is also not computer generated, so this birth chart reading will NOT sound robotic or plain.


Purpose of this New Moon Birth Chart + Ritual reading is to give the average person, the startseed, the highly sensitive person, the witch and mystic, the healer, the tarot reader, the business person, the artist of today's world access to the incredible mystical ancient knowledge of astrology and the power of their birth chart so that they can see how valuable and important they are on Earth.


By connecting with the New Moon (properly) it allows you to experience Attunement and Self Realization. This interpretation will provide you with insights into your quantum soul-human experience here on this Earth for you to gain a solid understanding of how the moon, the stars and the planets are working with you and for you, as well as the celestial messages they hold.


A personal ritual and ceremonial instructions are provided inside of this service.

This will contain altar-work, and more!


Here at Supernal Sacred Space, this birth chart reading is incredibly unique for we blend the sacred ancient knowledge of Babylonian Astrology, Vedic Astrology, Western Astrology, Jaimini Astrology and intuition to give you awareness​.


An automatic email is sent to you after you have booked this service. Due to how serious and important this document will be and the energy required for this reading and ritual customaization, all sales are final and permanent.


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Inside of the automatic email, all that is required for this birth chart reading will be asked.