This is the opening energy shifter prayer designed of being long and transformative for you who is doing an sexual soul-tie cleansing ceremony.  
It's intention is to open up the celestial gates for Angels, Loved Ones, Ancestors, Ascended Masters, and Spirit Guides whom have been following and looking over you since you were born. Once they are invited in, they will help with cutting etheric sex cords, delete densities, and old sexual energy programs -- properly throughout your ceremony. You will feel a soft cold wind touching over you, which is the common sign that they have entered. These beings do not make themselves automatically known to you in normal day-to-day life due to your free-will. You have to say from the heart and give permission to them to be more physically known. (1 full length page) declaration prayer of an easy flowing, beautifully constructed verbal allowance of instant healing.
Both men and women are encouraged to use this.

Opening Ceremonial Prayer For Yoni Steams (digital download)

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