This is the new Sacred Cord Cutting: Sexual, Psychic and Energy document that is a powerful spiritual tool for a life time.


In our first edition, it was two powerful pages.


In this new second edition, the document is 15 pages long of cord cutting instructions, a three paged healing speech, meditation video, spiritual bath instructions and more with the afterthoughts by the writer and creator Reyel.


Intention for this Cord Cutting ritual is for anyone who has been battling with nightmares, unwanted sex dreams, fears, energy vampires and exes from the past that keep coming back into your life to distrub your peace, to now be removed away.


This is a very powerful sacred document and is meant to be used during the Full Moon cycle or Lunar Eclipse cycle for proper energy release so that you are no longer psychic attacked, sexually attacked, dream attacked or emotionally attacked by the pasts' shadows and harm.

Sexual + Psychic Cord Cutting Instructions: II Edition (digital download)

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