Healing & Recovering Romance, Sex & Trauma Shadow Work Sessions

Healing & Recovering Romance, Sex & Trauma Shadow Work Sessions


Sexual soul ties are etheric kundalini energy cords that are swapped, merged, attached and tied together with all sexual partner(s) you have been with and currently are involved in.


Typically clients use this session to remove sexual cords from partners whom are controlling and abusive.


This session is great for breaking the mental, emotional and sexual cords towards their sexual partners of the past and present.


Also, because of walking on a spiritual path, many people are realizing that being a pure and empty channel to be able to recieve messages from God/Source/Spirit is essential.


Sexual cords causes interferences with listening to intuition and trusting visions and signs from Higher beings. Sexual cords with toxic people, especially incubus and succubus, can leave negative energetic imprinting, bad behaviors, nightmares, womb issues (for women), phallus issues (for men), and creates an mental and emotional attachment to past lovers and/or abusers.


Incubus and succubus are the most dangerous sexual partners to have experience with because on top of things stated above, they typically do sex magick on you without your consent and awareness.


Whether you think you already did cut cords from these people and moved on, but somehow and some way, they always return back into your life for communication or more? Then the sexual healing ceremony you performed was not done correctly. Sexual soultie partnerships (that are not broken) always come back in contact with you via email, social media, or cell phone (call or text).


Side note: Mercury Retrogrades and Venus Retrogrades helps reveal people from the past whom still are connected sexually and romantically to you FYI.


What's in this healing shadow work sessions:

- It is for two days on Skype or Zoom. Each day it is for two hours of deep medicine work.



- Curanderismo with womb healing and groin healing based on the gender of the client.


- Sexual cord cutting instructions for sacred healing ceremony.


- Drum medicine and fresh plant herbs for cleansing ritual.


- Clearing out old energetic imprints, programs and behaviors


- Completely wipe out old sexual trauma templates


- Break free from toxic old relationships and incubus people


 - Recalibrate and realign into higher consciousness


- Acknowledging a turning point in one's life and journey


- Reclamation of Sovernighty, Power and Liberation


- Accessing and completing the past cycles of pathologies


 -  Breaking from trauma-bonding, heartbreak, love addiction, people pleasing and codependency


- Honoring sacred crying and grieving


- Exploring Boundary Work and Relationship Patterns


- Healing trauma from sexual assault, rape, molestation and or incest


- And more are discussed privately in this safe space of healing.


Shadow work sessions are non-refundable after sessions have been finalized. Rescheduling is optional.


An automatic email is sent to you once session has been finalized in payment online.