Shamanic Energy House Clearing is an intitated ritual practice that involves clearing stagnant, demonic, negative energies and entities from the entire house of the client. 

The ritual transmutes the frequency of the house and items within the house back to pure holy consciousness and invites in angelic beings for protection for the client. 

There are many reasons why the family home can be affected by misguided energies and other forces, thereby needing a house clearing. And there are just as many reasons why smudging with white sage is not always the answer. Arguments, violence, drug use, and even teenage angst, are just some precursors to a build-up of negative energy within the home by the current occupants. Perhaps the negative energies were present before the property was purchased or tenanted. It's possible the house may have been built in an area that is significant to the traditional custodians of the land and is creating an imbalance in the surrounding energy field. It's also possible that violence and trauma from hundreds of years in the past can still be affecting the area today. Complicating things even further, our lives and property can be impacted by energy portals and vortexes, as well as the placement of buildings across Ley Lines. All theses scenarios can lead to energy imbalances perceptible to the resident and need a house clearing.

Sometimes the impact is very significant and far reaching, affecting not only the family members, but also pets, livestock and even machinery. The productivity of rural land can also be affected. 

Depending on the client, an 'Death of the Old' ritual can be included during the energy clearing which involves items that carry negatitve or uncomfortable memories or feelings to be burned and banished during ceremony; free of charge. More information about the 'Death of the Old' ritual contact Reyel.
Annointed tools, intercessory prayer, customized anointed water, and music are used.
Clearing the energy of a house is intense and can be dangerous work. Depending on size of the home will determine if it be an hour or more for completion.
Service only available for the Central Ohio location.

Shamanic Energy House Clearing