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Solar Return Birthday (1 Hour) Video or Audio Live Reading + Tarot

Solar Return Birthday (1 Hour) Video or Audio Live Reading + Tarot


According to ancient esoteric astrology, birthdays are very auspicous times in a person's life.

Birthdays are considered a big time when omens present themselves to the person who’s changing age and it is known in ancient traditions as the time that "God will listen very closely to your prayers and be with you” symbolizing how fortunate you will be.


The next 12 months of your life can be abundant in powerful opportunities, financial gains, romantic love and success or it can be a particular year that has tumultuous hardships, break ups, health issues, family loss or spiritual pain ahead. It is very important to know this of what your personal year will be like.


In this astrology reading it will be an 1 hour video live reading or 1 hour audio live reading.

If you are do not have a working web camera, we can arrange for this 1 hour reading to be pre-recorded as it will answer what the astrology is like ahead for you (for 1 full year starting on your birthday and onwards) and it will have the intuitive Tarot reading also included in the recording.


*This is a 1 year ahead astrology prediction reading*

Everything comes true in this reading because we are focusing on the exact manifestations of the planets and what they will be doing to you.


Requirements for this astrological and tarot reading:

You need to know your exact birth time, the city, the state (or province) and country that you were born at. It is needed for accurate astrological predictions and timings.


An automatic email is sent to you with the email address you are using for purchase at the checkout page.

This astrology service is nonrefunable once payment has been finalized.


Please note that our emails can possibly travel into your Spam or Junk folders. If so, we ask that you check and mark the email to go into your Inbox email folder.

Tarot, clairvoyance, claircogizance and Oracle cards are all used in this service. Birthday messages will be channeled and shared from God (Great Creator) and the Great Mother to you by Medicine Woman Réyel.

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