The Dying World & Eternalness: Age Of Now (Recorded)

The Dying World & Eternalness: Age Of Now (Recorded)


In this class purchase, this gives you access to attend the live spiritual lecture that is this Sunday August 28, 2022 at 3:00PM EST.

This purchase includes having the class recording sent to you through email. For this class recording is for you to have, to work with, sit with and continue to deepen your spiritual timeline.

“The Dying World & Eternalness: Age Of Now” will be a live webinar class through Zoom that will go deep into spirituality and understanding our roles, service and paths during this critical time on Earth and how to lead ourselves and others forward in the correct energy of clarity, higher understanding and wisdom.

We will be understanding the depths of what prophecies have said from all over the world, within all our ancestries, about the moment we are in now of a dying Earth and the world going through a radical cleansing.

We will be exploring what does that mean for us, personally and collectively, and what is ahead in this upcoming Autumn season of 2022.

So much more will be explored, taught and discussed in our spiritual community during this live Sacred Sunday Masterclass.

Afterwards of this 1 hour class, we will have a live Q&A and help everyone on their journeys.

All classes are recorded.

This class purchase is non-refundable and grants an lifetime access to this Masterclass once it has been completed.