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1 Hour. |  Saturn Return Advanced Astrology Session

1 Hour. | Saturn Return Advanced Astrology Session


Saturn Return [Advanced] Reading | a deep astrological + expertise predictive session


What Is A Saturn Return?


A 'Saturn Return' is a life-changing period of 2 and half years that a person in their late 20s in the time range gap of being 27 through 31 years old where life can drastically change for that person and they begin to focus on serious partnership, moving, business and career, money power, children and more in an extremely intense way. It can feel like an 'early mid-life crisis' and it is important to pay attention too.


Cosmically, it means that you have officially entered adulthood.


The experience of a Saturn Return repeats twice more:

  • Ages of 58 to 60
  • Ages of 84 to 90


Saturn — the wise elder planet — is associated with time and responsibility, so it’s no coincidence that the jump from 27 to 31 years old feels like a huge transformation into real adulthood. Saturn returns are all about learning to take control of your life and responsibility for your actions (or inaction). You’re likely to face hurdles and karmic lessons during this time that require hard work and a stronger effort to push through. Reminders of your mortality and the process of aging are triggered during your Saturn return, which is the universe's way of reminding you that you must live life with intention. You'll also learn the importance of upholding boundaries during your Saturn return — especially if you've previously struggled to say 'no' to people.


Believe it or not, Saturn isn’t an evil planet. The delays and restrictions triggered by a Saturn return arise to help you break free of harmful patterns and cycles of bad decisions. While you may have to face the consequences of your previous actions, this is still an important opportunity to adjust your behavior and attitude moving forward. You may have been avoiding your obligations in life, bringing tough Saturn return lessons that will (eventually) lead to more wisdom.


In the journey of self-discovery, transitions are the opportunities to rewrite our narratives and redefine our identities.


Growing up isn’t easy, and Saturn — the planet that also governs authority and status — will push you to reflect on how close you are to achieving your biggest goals and ambitions. Career milestones, owning a home, getting married or divorced, starting a family, and any other changes that affect your public image are more likely to unfold during your Saturn return. However, it's important not to rush through these transitions while you're still figuring out what you want in life.


Be patient and trust the process. Look to Saturn as an all-knowing teacher that is guiding you through the process of separating your past experiences from the life you really want to live. Look back at what you've learned in life and consider whether you are applying these lessons to avoid repeating the same mistakes. Reflect on your legacy and the mark you want to leave behind on earth, and make sure your actions align with your vision.



  • There are great experiences to a Saturn Return and it can show through your birth chart. In the case of a birth chart with great positivity, it can show how love, marriage, children and new businesses, new friendships, new publishing, new happiness, new discovery of calling and purpose, and more can take place.
  • There are negative experiences to a Saturn Return and it can show through your birth chart. In the case of a complexed birth chart, the symptoms of a poorly placed Saturn in the horoscope can lead to lack of employment and career growth and achievements, lower self-control and discipline, lack of high moral standards and more. 


Session Provides:

  • Exploring the luminaries (strengths and weaknesses of your Sun and Moon)

  • Discover what is happening [to and against] your Saturn

  • Discover what is happening [to and against] your 10th House and 11th House

  • Discover what is happening [to and against] your Venus, Sun, Moon, Mercury, Mars

  • Discover what the transiting planets are doing [for or against] your birth chart now and in the future

  • Learn the signs and houses of your birth chart

  • Learn about your important natal aspects

  • Learn everything listed above in the first section of this Saturn Return page


Session Duration:

1 Hour. 


Session Requirements:

  • Need to know your own birth time, birth day, place of your birth
  • Be promptly on time of session when it has been confirmed and scheduled in
  • Fill out the email that has been sent over to you with the proper correct information provided
  • Access to the Internet via Google Meet
  • Unable to access Google Meet? Other video conference call platforms can be provided for you.
  • Unable to connect to Internet? This session can become a prerecorded video + audio session where all of your questions will be answered. Session recording will be sent to you.


Session Experience:

A live Google Meet video + audio session. Live video calls are safe and supportive environments to cultivate peace and security with people nationally and internationally within the convenience of [the client] being at home or on vacation.


Session Terms, Conditions & Boundaries Before Buying:

  • This service requires the client to use a primary email address for contacting and reaching out for the schedule calendar to be sent out to them [the client].
  • This service requires promptly being on time on the day [of] the scheduled session.
  • This service provides one rescheduled session if the original session has been missed.
  • One rescheduled session has to be made upon 30 days. It will not succeed over the 30 day mark.
  • This service is permanet and non-refundable after payment has been completed.
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