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The Saturn Return & Breaking Life Karma Astrology Reading

The Saturn Return & Breaking Life Karma Astrology Reading


Saturn Returns are the pivotal periods of “coming to age and entering adulthood” according to the stars above.

A Saturn Return happens between the ages of 27 to 30 years old and again during ages of 58 to 60.

Due to Saturn Return being a time of “entering official adulthood” within your birth chart, it is an extremely life changing period of when people finally get meet their life partner, get married, go through extreme changes with their career and finances in very positive ways, but also it is a period of time that people can get divorced, quit or resign from a career, relocate and move, purchase their home and land, and so much more.

The symptoms of poorly placed Saturn in the horoscope lead to lack of employment and career growth and achievements, lack of self-control and discipline, lack of high moral standards. Such people will suffer lack of structured interest towards esoteric and secret sciences. It also indicates obstacles in business, grief, tears, accusations by others, and secret enemies.

This is a great astrology video reading to get before, during, or after the Return as it can help put into context the areas of your life that you may be experiencing the most changes and hardest lessons.

The reading enables you to understand what themes, energy patterns and lessons you are being asked to learn and grow within or “out of” according to the Cosmic Order of the planets.

Learn more about when your return begins, ends, and what areas of your life will be highlighted for that duration in a 1 hour session.

This astrology reading is a video session that can be through Zoom or Skype. It will be recorded also and the video replay will be sent to you through email the following day.

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