Inner Child Shadow Work Digital Workbook: Tying Up Loose Ends (II Edition)

Inner Child Shadow Work Digital Workbook: Tying Up Loose Ends (II Edition)

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This best selling workbook is to heal the soul from trauma, pain, depression and soul loss. For those who are seeking to find themselves on a deeper level, to self actualize into their higher purpose and follow their true spiritual calling, this is for you.

It is important to heal the past in order to understand the future.

This workbook contains spiritual psychology, shamanic medicine, plant medicine dictionary, and deep explanation on the mother wound, father wound, sibling wound, and the wounds we have about our own selves and how to heal from it all. Inside of this medicine book for self-healing contains safe shamanic cleansing rituals that can be done at home, and so much more!

This is the Second Edition of the Tying Up Loose Ends Workbook, better improved, highly informative and contains 54 pages of deep soul writing prompts and journaling segments, homework self-healing assignments, meditation videos, Plant Medicine Dictionary, exploration on soul retrieval and more deeper healing matters.

This is meant for all people who are choosing to overcome trauma by healing their wounds intentionally with soul integrity. Tying Up Loose Ends will teach you a new perspective on Grace when doing the inner-work.

This workbook is for anyone who is ready to do real shadow work on family karma clearing, inner-child and inner-self healing, at the sacred comfort of being in your own home and taking your own time and pace with deep introspective healing without feeling rushed or in anxiety.


This workbook is intended to be printed out into an actual booklet or packet so that you are able to write inside of it or you can use a personal healing journal with this medicine book.


This book is copyrighted, created and written by Reyel Byrd.

By choosing this book, you are choosing yourself in the healing and awakening journey. Become knowledgeable and self-aware about the depths and variations of the Mother Wound and the Father Wound; the common signs of childhood trauma, abuse and trauma-bonding; learn really what Boundary Work development is and looks like in real life terms; realize and understand the many roles our inner-child played when in an abusive or ridiculing home upbringing and how we can get stuck being in those mentalities or emotional-psychic roles even as adults, and choose now to really break intergenerational family karma and personal karma.

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