In the second edition of the Tying Up Loose Ends workbook, it contains over 54 pages of spiritual and psychological information of how trauma is created and how to overcome trauma by healing the wounds intentionally through having a new perspective of Grace when doing the innerwork.
This workbook is for anyone who is ready to do shadow work of inner-child trauma and pain by the sacred comfort of being in your own home and taking your own pace with the innerwork.
This workbook is intended to be printed out into an actual booklet or packet so that you are able to write inside of it.
This workbook will be sent as a digital download and delivered directly to your email that you fill in at the checkout page.
In the first edition of Tying Up Loose Ends, it contained 13 pages of journaling prompts, meditations, and psychological understanding.
In the second edition of Tying Up Loose Ends, it contains 54 pages of writing prompts and journaling, homework assignments, meditation video, 12 page Plant Medicine Dictionary, exploration of Soul Retrieval, exploration of the Mother Wound and the Father Wound, common signs of childhood trauma and abuse, Boundary Work development, resource page, exploration of trauma bonding and what is really means, the many roles our inner-child played when in an abusive home upbringing and how we can get stuck being in the roles even as adults, generational cycles and more within this powerful workbook.
This workbook is included with private shadow work sessions.
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By choosing the innerwork, you are choosing yourself.

Inner Child Workbook: Tying Up Loose Ends (II Edition)

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