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1 Hr. 30 Min. Womb Healing, Cleanse & Reconnection Shamanic Healing Session

1 Hr. 30 Min. Womb Healing, Cleanse & Reconnection Shamanic Healing Session


Womb Healing and Reconnection is a deep session for healing and spiritual cleanse for women, nonbinary and people who indentify with having a womb (uterus) who have suffered from sexual violence, miscarriages, abandonment, codependency, betrayal, grief, rage, fibrorids, cysts, ovarian cancer, cramps, heavy mensural cycles, forced or non-forced abortions, pain or tension and trauma. It is in this session that the feminine within you will get healed and become activated in sovereignty and freedom. In this session, curanderismo limpia is provided.


Curanderismo limpia is an indigenous spiritual energy cleansing ritual followed by authentic lineage traditions to heal a person's body, mind, spirit and Monad by removing unwanted energy, entanglements, cords, entities, illnesses and trauma from out of the womb.


Past life healing work can be cleared and healed in this session if Great Spirit and the Great Mother brings it up during the session. Auric field healing, soul retrieval and re-aligning the chakras will also occur in this healing session and space. It is through womb healing and clearing trauma that the divine feminine rewakens.


When it comes to sex relationships, there is an exchange of energy between you and with the people you are sexually experiencing. Whether it is consensual and also when it is nonconsenual. Their energy is binded to yours. Because the womb is a sacred portal between dimensions and worlds, it is one of the strongest and more potent chakra of psychic ability, trust and intuition. When there are past trauma from old lovers and even people who sexually violated you, this is stuck in the womb chakra, causing blocking of intuition clarity, finanical abundance and more to be blocked from flowing rapidly into happen to your life. Sexual trauma is crippling in many ways spiritually, energetically and physically.


The womb is a holy sponge of power, intuition and cosmic memory, but also because of its sponge quality, the womb can absorb and carry the DNA of every man and every woman that they have had sex with for over 7 years. The womb absorbs and carry the trauma, fears, memory, post partum pain and more from your feminine ancestors 7 generations back in your lineage. When the womb is disbalanced because of all the memories, trauma, pain, violence and even medical trauma from hospitals from a Pap Smear, a forced or non-forced miscarriage or abortion, and other issues, the womb becomes sick and weak in strength.


The Qi becomes lower in vibration and loses power. When the Qi weakens, the energy manifests into cysts, fibroids, cancer, heavy bleeding cycles, yeast infections, itching and other health issues that can happen in the uterus and yoni.


Ceremony, shamanic journey, candle work, limpia, sacred plant smoke, sacred plant broom, traditional healing prayers, drum medicine, sacred talking (platica), guided meditation and other tools are included in this healing session. Every womb session is personal, confidential and unique to what you have went through in your journey of having a uterus.


One of the deepest work a woman can do is reclaim her power, intuition, liberation and wisdom back from the controls of patriarchy and colonization to rise as the Goddess again in this important lifetime.


This session is for 1 hour 30 minutes on Skype or Zoom.

Due to the times that we are in, 15% of all financial proceeds of these sessions will be given to the Global Citizen Humanitarian Organization in efforts to help the women, children, elderly and men in the Ukraine to help stop this senseless war and save them from further trauma and violence.


An automatic email is sent to client once session has been paid for. Please be sure that Supernal Sacred Space emails are linked to your Inbox and not traveling to the Spam area in your personal email account.


Womb Healing and Reconnection sessions are non-refundable after the purchase has been made, however rescheduling dates and times that work best are available for your life schedule.

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