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1 Hour. 30 Min. | Deep Womb Trauma Healing, Cleanse & Reconnection Session

1 Hour. 30 Min. | Deep Womb Trauma Healing, Cleanse & Reconnection Session


The womb healing, cleanse and reconnection session is one of deep energy work + healing.


This session is for women who have suffered from the hands of misogny, the patriarchy, sexual violence, relationship issues, family trauma, childhood trauma, grief, trust issues, spiritual problems and abandonment.


This cleansing and healing session is for women who have experienced:

  • miscarriages
  • trauma from abortions
  • fibrorids
  • cysts,
  • ovarian cancer,
  • intense cramps
  • heavy mensural cycles
  • significiant blood loss
  • experiences of betrayal and loss in life
  • relationship trauma
  • having an disease or health problem


All trauma or abuse towards your feminine energy and womb sacred center is why this cleansing and healing session for your womb (uterus) is created by Réyel.


In this cleansing and healing session provided by world-recognized healer Réyel, this session is deeply powerful and incredible. She will remove emotional trauma, negativity, unwanted energy, energy cords, entities, illnesses and trauma from out of the womb space. This is to help you reclaim your power, gifts and purpose back fully.


Why do women feel pulled to an womb trauma healing session?


For many different reasons.


One reason is when it comes to sexual relationships, there is an exchange of energy between you and with the people you are sexually experiencing. Whether it is consensual and also when it is nonconsenual. Their energy is binded to yours.


This is because our womb (uterus) is a sacred portal between dimensions and worlds, one connecting us with God and birthing our children. It is one of the strongest and more potent centers inside of our body. Our womb is the center of our psychic ability and intuition and where our trust is stored.


When there are past trauma from old lovers and even people who sexually violated you, this is why there is an unwelcoming and heavy energy stuck inside of our womb body center; causing intuition blocking, lack of clarity, finanical issues begin to appear and an awkwardness begins to settle inside of us, which makes us have discomfort having sex with our partner or we begin becoming sexually hungry but the void and emptiness is still there afterwards. 


Also the womb (uterus) is a holy sponge of power, intuition and cosmic memory, but also because of its sponge quality, our womb can absorb and carry the DNA of every man and every woman that we  have had sex with extending pass 7 years. 


The womb's energy becomes lower in vibration and loses power. When the Qi weakens, the energy manifests into cysts, fibroids, cancer, heavy bleeding cycles, yeast infections, itching and other health issues that can happen in the uterus and yoni.


Every womb cleansing and healing session is personal, confidential, unique and sacred to what you have went through in your journey of having a uterus and being a woman.


One of the deepest work a woman can do is reclaim her power, intuition, liberation and wisdom back from the controls of patriarchy and colonization, and come back into her purpose, light and extraordinariness in this time during this important lifetime.


Session Duration:

1 Hour and 30 Minutes


Session Requirements:

  • Be promptly on time of session when it has been confirmed and scheduled in
  • Fill out the email that has been sent over to you with the proper correct information provided
  • Intentions and goals that you are wanting to focus on with womb trauma, grief work, negative energy, energetic cords, soul ties [and or] heavy energy that you would like healed from your womb space
  • Access to the Internet via Google Meet
  • Unable to access Google Meet? Other video conference call platforms can be provided for you.


Session Experience:

A live Google Meet video + audio session. Live video calls are safe and supportive environments to cultivate peace and security with people nationally and internationally within the convenience of [the client] being at homeor on vacation.


Session Terms, Conditions & Boundaries Before Buying:

  • This service requires the client to use a primary email address for contacting and reaching out for the schedule calendar to be sent out to them [the client].
  • This service requires promptly being on time on the day [of] the scheduled session.
  • This service provides one rescheduled session if the original session has been missed.
  • One rescheduled session has to be made upon 30 days. It will not succeed over the 30 day mark.
  • This service is permanet and non-refundable after payment has been completed.
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