As year 2019 comes to an end, many of you in the collective were reminded that this is not any ordinary year-ending that is taking place. An entire decade (ten years) of your lives are coming to a close now completely and permanently. There are many waves of emotions that are taking place individually during this month of December, as a major period of shadow work is coming to a close in its own form of “graduation” in order for you all to break free and rise above everything you once knew, loved and understood.  
In this period of December, it is important to honor the waves of your sensitivity and to embrace the “look back” of the last ten years of your life. There is beauty in seeing your lifetime review flash before you. In honor of this reflection medicine that is before us, Rey is offering you all a service called the Year 2020 Intuitive + Astro Reading that will let you know what is coming up ahead and what to be excited for that is coming to you (personally).  
In this month of December, as you look ‘back’ to all that these ten years have put you through, the highs and the extreme lows, it is important to find the wisdom within it all that dances between the veils of your experiences while using this service of the Year 2020 Intuitive + Astro Reading to know exactly what is entering your new life that you are being prepared for.  As the layers peel away, we step into new energy, new openings and new timelines of Purity Consciousness. 
When in conversation intimately with Spirit, it was revealed that year 2020 is to be seen as the “Year of the Golden Adult.” Through this service, Rey will go into elaborate detail of what that vision and epiphany means to you personally on this spiritual-human journey that you are embarking. Year 2020 is a big year, not only because of the massive energy and psychic downloads that are present already for it but the astrology is incredibly game-changing.  
The Universe and the stars within it are not joking around of changing the collective consciousness to have a true ‘mass awakening’ and it is important that you are equally prepared for what’s to come and to have clarity of how your unique soul expression is here to help the Universe accomplish this mighty task of sovereignty. The 2020 timeline is building up in brilliant illumination energy and many who have heard the clarion call to be of service, will embrace this energy of enlightenment that will pour through. What has ended now in your life has prepared you this entire time of what new is coming. 

Many souls in the collective consciousness endured a very intense and transformative year in 2019 that pushed the envelope into shadow work, existential crises,  self-realization, truth, honesty and it gave many people the shocking revelations about relationships with others and how to deepen the relationship with Self.  

It was a year of ‘unburial’ of the deep soul energies and narratives coming up to the surface now in order to be freed from silence and to help you all rise higher into soul Ascension, ease and purity consciousness. As the year 2019 comes to a close, it is important to know how to enter the new year of 2020 with an open mind, an open heart with accurate direction given to you by Spirit in the Akashic Records. 
This reading is a soul guidance delivered straight from the Akashic Records. The intention of this Year 2020 Intuitive + Astro Reading is to give you honesty and vision of how to walk forward into the new timeline path of 2020 with conviction and to be in the frequency of grace and receptivity. This Year 2020 Intuitive + Astro Reading is a tool of a ‘cosmic compass’ of how your personally blueprint of the year 2020 will be for you. This is not a generalized reading.  
In this service, Spirit is the speaker that will be channeling divine messages to you of every month of year 2020 through putting Rey into a high vibratory meditative trance-state of automatic writing, clairvoyance and claircognizance. Spirit is known by various other names such as God, Cosmic Mother, the Observable Universe, the Creator, Source, Aya, I AM THAT I AM, and the Omnipotence.  

Reyel is a professional intuitive medium and psychic with mastered training and a strong spiritual practice and faith who will be the conduit to go into this vibrtory trance and to connect into the multi-dimensional library of Knowledge, Light and Pure Consciousness wherein all the information and wisdom pertaining to each and every soul ever incarnated is encoded in light; this channeling will be entering a vibrational filing system where every thought, word, emotion, action generated by soul experience since its beginning is recorded which translates directly to past, present and future possibilities.  

What is included in this Service:

  • Over 100+ pages of your personal 12 month transits. You will have a personalized year 2020 birth chart calendar typed out. 
  • These 12 month transits will be hand-typed and explained in simple terminology and a spiritual perspective will be added to it.
  • 365 personal days revealed to you.
  • Planets going retrograde and planets going direct will be indicated in this service, for these specific events affect you completely differently than anyone else on the planet.
  • Astrology forecast will explain your personal good days of year 2020.
  • Astrology forecast will explain your personal ‘bad’ (growth) days of the year 2020.
  • Astrology forecast will explain the best days to do ritual work. Example: Tell you the best time period to manifest money, depending on what is special happening in your 2nd House or with Jupiter.
  • What is needed for manifestation rituals will be included.
  • Service includes divine channeled messages from Spirit of (each) month of what you need to know spiritually, mentally, emotionally and romantically.
  • You will service 12 months worth of psychic reading and photos of the cards will be shown that are for each month it is for.
  • Service includes Astrology.
  • Service includes Tarot and Oracle divination.
  • Service includes Spirit Communication.
  • Service includes Chakra reading to indicate which month you will need the most attention at healing a particular chakra.
  • Service includes an Energy Reading of the Aura.
  • Will be compiled in a PDF document that will be in color and available for printing out and highlighting.
  • Will be a total of 150 pages of reading. 


The value of this service is $300. In the month of December, we are having an early bird discount for the first 20 people of $90.
Automatic email is sent to clients on what’s required for this service once purchase is booked.


Please note that due to high demand volume, yearly documents will be sent out to clients via email within the end of December before New Years Day. The process of deep trance channeling requires a lot of energy, meditation, devotion, Spirit communication and high psychic activity happening the body of Rey. 
Once booked, this service is final. There is no refunds or returns.


If you use PayPal, the email connected to that account will be sent an automatic email from us here at Supernal Sacred Space. Please check junk mail and Spam folder too so that we get the information that we need quickly so that your reading will be sent out to you promptly on schedule. Our intention is to not have delays.

Year 2020 Intuitive + Astro Reading

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