Year 2022 Personal Predictions, Astrology & Intuitive Tarot Reading

Year 2022 Personal Predictions, Astrology & Intuitive Tarot Reading

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This is one of our very successful and powerful personal readings that we provide for the collective.

In this written reading, Rey will go into elaborate detail of how Year 2022 will personally affect you in your personal life in terms of your health, career, businesses, family, relationships, friendships, spiritual gifts and the growth of your abilities, and reveal what’s ahead of challenges, obstacles and big life changes that will appear in your personal world.

Knowing these things ahead of time helps you get prepared and feel grounded moving forward into year 2022 with clarity and confidence.

The 2022 timeline is building up in brilliant illumination and major collective revolutions, protests, global transformations and personal awakenings.

Many people who have heard the clarion call to be of service and to follow their spiritual calling will embrace the intensity and power of the energy Year 2022 is carrying.

Many souls in our collective consciousness have already endured a very intense and transformative year in 2020 when the world was divinely guided to “shut down” in order to start the process of a Global Shadow Work for the Planetary Awakening. It pushed the envelope into deep healing, civil unrest, existential crises, self-realization, deep truths coming to the surface, new levels of needed honesty and it gave many people the shocking revelations about relationships with others and how to deepen the relationship with Self.

It was a year of ‘unburial’ of the deep soul energies and narratives coming up to the surface now in order to be freed from silence and to help you all rise higher into soul ascension, ease and purity consciousness.

As the year 2021 comes to a close, it is important to know the vision that you are carrying forward and how to be successful and thrive in the new timeline.

The Year 2022 Personal Predictions, Astrology & Intuitive Tarot Reading is an important energetic tool of accurate guidance and being an ‘Cosmic Compass’ of how to navigate the new timeline correctly, powerfully and wisely.

This is not a generalized reading. It is personalized for each person, for everyone will have a different year experience compared to another person who’s walking their own journey and following their own divine calling.

In this 2022 Year Reading, Great Spirit is the speaker and guide that will be channeling divine and honest messages of insight, predictions and awareness to you of how every month in 2022 will be for you through using Réy as an clear channel and conduit by putting into a state of high vibratory meditative trance where she will be doing automatic writing, seeing premonitions, and using her disciplined skills of clairvoyance claircognizance, energy work and mediumship.

Great Spirit is known by various other names such as God, Cosmic Mother, the Observable Universe, the Creator, Source, I AM THAT I AM, and the Omnipotence.

Reyel is a professional intuitive medium, psychic and Afro Indigenous Medicine Woman from the Taíno, Blackfoot and Cherokee lineages with mastered training and carrying a strong spiritual practice, faith and foundation who is of service to God (Great Spirit).

What’s in this 2022 Year Reading:

100+ pages your personal 12 month astrology predictions.

In these 12 month astrology forecasts, they will be hand-typed, analyzed and explained in simple but in-depth terminology, for astrology is still new for many people to understand, and Réyel will bring her personal style of spiritual perspective into these predictions as well, that she is well known for in her way of being an Astrologer.

In the astrology portion of this Year 2022 reading, it will talk about planets going retrograde, going back direct, helical risings, eclipses and more.

Also in this Year 2022 reading, you will service channeled messages of psychic predictions and insight, along with Tarot, of the energetic guidance of each of the 12 months.

This service includes astrology, Tarot, shamanic divination, direct Spirit communication, energy work and predictions.

Here are the requirements for this Year 2022 reading:

If you do not have all the requirements for this session, you will be denied a reading and will receive a refund.

- Must know your exact birth time.

- Must know your birthday, city and state you were born in.

- Must have access to an working email address.


It will take up to 2 to 3 full months to complete your Year 2022 reading and it will be sent to you via email as a PDF document.

The value of this service is $370.

For a limited time only, it is at 50% off to show our gratitude to you all for supporting our spiritual work and classes from over the years.

All sales are final. It is non refundable.


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