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Establishing a sacred relationship with God is the most transformative, emotional, empowering, life-changing, transcendental decision and radical act of self-love, that one can ever do in their lifetime.

- Réyel 

Réyel is a world-recognized trauma-informed faith teacher, healer, speaker, writer, spiritual counselor and

fruit inspector.

She first gained popularity over fifteen years ago over social media through her incredible, healing and insightful writing and light about topics on self-growth, overcoming fears, finding bravery with our stories, regaining confidence with our voices again and finding, developing, and maintaining our own unique relationship with God; in a non-religious, but spiritual, aligned, right and empowering way.

Réyel is a woman of many spiritual gifts and she helps thousands of people per year, find and realize their own God-given gifts and deeply heal and cleanse the traumas that have stood in the way of them, through her personal work in sessions, events, workshops, retreats, counseling sessions, video calls, business meetings, and much more.

Réyel has two decades of wisdom, healing medicine, skilled training, mastery and stewardship to help transform and heal people's deepest of scars, wounds, fears and trauma through the spiritual path she has taken and walked with. Nothing is difficult to not overcome; healing is possible and available for everyone; and that really does mean everyone.


Through this sacred space, you can book a session with Réyel that fits your needs, for what you are going through and needing insight or healing with. It's all about your alignment. Divine timing is real. Let God lead you.

By being different and advocating on being your authentic self, Réyel emanates her knowledge and light to help everyone embody their true self and walk in the Destiny that has already been prepared for them. 

Réyel is very spiritual. She is a healer who believes in Jesus and God but in an impressively unique, creative and alternative way, and her energy is grounding, calm, humorous and safe to be around.

There is no such thing as being unwanted or being so severely broken, lost, or a misfit that you believe that you don't have purpose, medicine or a calling over your life; you do

This is the time in your life to blossom in to who you are meant to be.

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