Establishing a sacred relationship with Spirit is the most transformative, transcendent, and radical act of Self Love one can ever do.

- Réy - 

Réyel is an Remembrance Oracle and intuitive channel with the gifts of psychic abilities of: clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience, claircognizance, premonition, mediumship, intercessory, prophetic dreams and automatic writing.


Réyel is also an inspirational emotional wellness and ascension guide writer. She uses her multi-dimensional connection to help to expand her vibration to support those on the ascension and sovereignty path.

When Réyel began receiving messages from her guides, she chose to talk with them directly, which evolved into the type of channeling she does today. She is clear channel who is able to tap into situations from a soul perspective. This perspective is higher than the plane in which our mental activity takes place.

Her channeled information always comes from a place of love, clear seeing and acceptance.

She can assist you in receiving helpful information, shifting negative or stuck energies, and with healing your energy fields from the physical to the spiritual.

Your current reality holds the potential vibration for you to ascend into ascension mastery, emotional balance and transcendental bliss.

The services that Réyel does  assists you to master your pure creative potential by guiding you through your ascension awakening and spiritual healing in order to gain access to all that you set out to achieve in this incarnation; also known as your life purpose and liberation.


Every aspect of her work is dedicated to help you achieve an accelerated ascension timeline by accessing your energy through heart opening and emotional rawness - healing and shedding lifetimes of stagnation, pain and trauma through services such as private shadow work sessions, intuitive readings and prana fine-tuning. You will align with abundance; abundance of Love, connection, collaboration, co-creation, harmony, success, happiness, peace, clarity, emotional balance and the desire to step forward into the new paradigm of New Earth and Heaven.


Réyel has undertaken in-depth studies involving healing, psychology, wellness, astrology and zodiac, energy work, consciousness, ancient shamanic and the gnosis path. As part of that, she has studied with great teachers that are leading-edge visionaries and healers. Yet most of her mastery is given in praise to God, Archangels and her personal spirit guides who have been teaching and communicating with her since she was a child.


Réyel is dedicated in healing women and men; no discrimination on race, sex orientation, gender identity, creed, or religious backgrounds of the clients, for these social parameters do not exist nor matter in this online sacred space. 


She offer messages, revelations and energetic transmissions to serve the awakening of humanity, and to assist you in your journey of embodying a reality of more peace, ease, and love than ever before through this online supernal sacred space and within the Sacred Secrets Newsletters.

Supernal Sacred Space's intention of being created is to assist in removing all perceptions of obstacles in your life, and to energetically support you through every aspect of the spiritual journey and experience of awakening. To help people walk The Way in order to restore and build a stronger relationship with God that's within the inner human temple.


When a person chooses to listen, see, and be in the heart, that's when the transformation occurs.

It is time to awaken masters from sleep.

Réyel has chosen to be of assistance.