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1 Hr. 30 Min. Curanderísmo Extraction & Soul Retrieval Healing Session

1 Hr. 30 Min. Curanderísmo Extraction & Soul Retrieval Healing Session


Curanderismo limpia is a indigenous spiritual energy cleansing and healing ritual to heal the soul, body, mind, aura, Monad and energetic field in a person. Sacred fresh plant medicine smoke, fresh herbs, drum medicine, traditional indigenous healing prayers and songs, incense, medicine plant broom, florida water, ritual, offering and subtle energy work are in this session.

This is a very powerful energy session for removing entities, fears, energy blocks, trauma and old energy.

Shamanic extraction is the removal of displaced energy in the body, which is also sometimes called an intrusion. An intrusion is energy that does not belong in the body and may cause illness, weakness and disharmony.

People acquire intrusions in a number of different ways, but most commonly through energies that others have sent them, the evil eye, psychic attacks, nightmares, sexual violence, domestic abuse, black magic, family karma, entities from an old house or in the neighborhood, incubus or succbus lovers, energy vampires, dark rituals or energies that they (the client) have sent to themselves.

Intrusions are often the result of very strong thought forms, emotions or traumatic memories that have gotten stuck somewhere in a person's body. Aside from symptoms of illness and weakness, intrusions will also cause a person to experience chronic physical pain, fatigue, a localized ailment, depression, anxiety, repetitive thoughts and emotions, etc.

For example, a person who experiences chronic anger or sadness will have an intrusion (an entity spirit) sitting on their heart center, liver and kidneys.

In this curanderismo and extraction session, I will identify, track, locate and remove the intrusions and entities that are present in your body and energy field so that this dark malignant energy and spirits are no longer harmful or attached to you anymore.

Afterwards, healing will take place to fill the body and energy field back up with the correct pure energy of God, Great Spirit, Love, Reclamation, Energetic Sovereignty and the Divine Light fully restored back into you and provide intuitive guidance needed to assist the you on your healing journey after the session closes.

This is a 1.5 hour session on Zoom or Skype.

An automatic email is sent to client once the healing session has been paid. This service is nonrefunable once payment has been finalized.

Please be sure that Supernal Sacred Space emails are linked to your Inbox and not traveling to the Spam area in your personal email account.

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