Empathic Sweet Heart Cleanse & Repair Shamanic Healing Session

Empathic Sweet Heart Cleanse & Repair Shamanic Healing Session

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In this curanderismo healing ceremonial session, it will be for one full hour of traveling through medicine songs, drum medicine, plant smoke and clearing herbs, candles, ritual and journeying into an alternate superconsciousness into the Spirit World to access where you have personally have experienced soul loss and heart trauma from recent events and past events.


In times of direct trauma, including heart break, relationship arguments, domestic violence, death of a partner, divorce, relationship abuse and with grief, it is essential to heal the body, and that includes the emotional body, spirit body and the physical body together, in order to move forward properly in direct alignment with your purpose and blessings, and having a successful love relationship with a soulmate in the new chapter in your life.

In terms of healing that including the grief that is for your ancestors pain and trauma, for these are experiences of soul loss. Romantic heartbreak and friendship heartbreak are also soul loss experiences.

Soul loss is when a part of your auric field shatters in the event of pain, disconnecting and disassociating from your body and the situation. When soul loss occurs this is when a fragment or piece of the soul travels back into the Spiritual Realm, floating, lost and afraid to return back to your very own body, because of the sadness and pain of losing a person, family, friend, career or child.

In the terms of mental health, soul loss creates depression, anxiety, deep fear, paranioa, bad uncomfortable and violent dreams, suicidal thoughts, and immense pain that a person can feel on a daily basis or periodically.


In this shamanic ceremony of traveling into the Spirit World with Great Spirit and the Great Mother, we will find your loss soul fragment, from the various ages that you've experienced heart break, and heal this aspect of your soul's consciousness and bring it back to your body, fully repaired and in its bounty of aliveness and new change. We will travel into the 4 chambers of the heart to clean and heal what is in there, that has been unprocessed, stuck, angered, loss and broken.


This is an deep healing that will feel emotional and liberating. This is open for all people, especially in this time of a pandemic, civil unrest, social injustices, home and relationship violence, aloneness, and more. This is a safe space and healing ceremony for everyone, for we are all relation, and this is an important time for community, healing, prayer, ceremony and real change.


This is a shamanic ceremony is for heart healing and soul retrieval.


These energy clearings work with the highest light of your Monad, 'I Am' presence, cosmic family, spirit guides, healed ancestors, the Medicine Wheel and are shamanic in nature, in that they work throughout many of your existences and dimensions. The sessions are always tailored for you.


Depending on what is needed for you, this healing session will involve cleansing the subtle bodies with:




Puro (sacred tobacco) Cleansing

Florida Water

Coconut Water

Milk and other Herbs and Spices

Smudging and Feather Fanning

Herbal Broom Sweeps

The Power of The Spoken Word

Medicine healing songs and prayers

After heartbreak, grief and emotional congestion are released from the chest, breasts, heart meridian, chakra and organ within shamanic ceremony, we will then focus on heart and love manifestation work in the Spirit World of the invisible realms in order to have visible tangible manifestation and real life results for you.


This is a 1 hour session on Zoom or Skype.

Due to the times that we are in, 15% of all financial proceeds of these sessions will be given to the Global Citizen Humanitarian Organization in efforts to help the women, children, elderly and men in the Ukraine to help stop this senseless war and save them from further trauma and violence.


An automatic email is sent to client once the healing session has been paid. This service is nonrefunable once payment has been finalized.


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