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1 Hour. | Healing Money Wounds & Discovering Career with Purpose Astrology

1 Hour. | Healing Money Wounds & Discovering Career with Purpose Astrology


You are in the season of moving on and being freed from financial trauma and money wounds.


If you want to cultivate a deeper understanding of the purpose assigned over your life and who you are meant to be, this session is for you.


If you are wanting to get new access in life and have a better social status and accessibility to luxury, opportunities, better people and relationships, have financial freedom and terminate a level of poverty, this session is called for you.


A fulfilled life is yours to have.


Our purpose in life is one of the important parts of our path and creating footprints in the world that can change a people, industry, space and generation behind us.


It is essential to know the purpose that you have in this lifetime and which career you are meant to be in. People have callings and destinies over their lives and it is essential that you find out, obtain, sustain and cultivate yours.


Big dreams happen for a reason. They come to us specifically because it is the dream that is just for us to have.


Purpose leads to prosperity and career success. Purpose will transcend you out of poverty and financial hard times, and lead you into the equanimity, stability and sustainability that are meant and assigned for you.


  • Are you in a career and currently going through a difficult time within the job, company or the people that you work with?

  • Are you struggling with becoming a confident speaker, writer, manager, leader, CEO, CFO, business owner or entrepreneur at this current time?

  • Are there personal insecurities that are standing in the way of your leadership, confidence and success?

  • Are you grateful and equally happy about the amount of money that you are making?

  • Are there root chakra issues, money wounds and financial problems showing up for you at this time?

  • Are you in the career that you are meant to be in and is it assigned to your purpose in life?

  • Are you knowing the direction that you are leading yourself into and is it the [right] direction?

  • Are you finding yourself being a chameleon or shape-shifting in business work spaces or meetings, trying to embody the wants and needs of others while abandoning your own?

  • Are you going through daily life without happiness, passion or purpose when you enter the job, company or building?

  • Are you struggling with creating, maintaining and enforcing work boundaries?

  • Are you in trauma responses recently with your money or the money of others?


It is time to be healed from financial trauma and allow our lives to change and enter the new chapter that our life is waiting for.


The Healing Money Wounds & Discovering Career with Purpose astrology session is one of the most accurate, in-depth, highly-detailed and thorough financial astrology readings.


In The Healing Money Wounds & Discovering Career with Purpose astrology session will analyze and discover through your birth chart what’s essential for your career and financial life:


  •  Luminaries (strengths and weaknesses of your Sun and Moon)
  • Discover what is happening [to and against] your planets around the MC and 10th House

  • Discover what is happening [to and against] your aspects to MC

  • Discover what is happening [to and against] your 1st House

  • Discover what is happening [to and against] your Chiron, Saturn, Jupiter, the 12th house, Nodes and other essential planets

  • Discover what the transiting planets are doing [for or against] your birth chart now and in the future

  • Explore your money houses in close detail

  • Explore what gives you specifically money

  • Explore what is holding you back from becoming rich, happy or successful

  • Explore how to maintain and sustain the level of wealth that you do have

  • Explore your spending habits

  • Explore your frugal habits

  • Explore the financial cycles that you are experiencing in your birth chart

  • Identify what will give you business success and business wealth

  • Identify what will give you personal success and wealth

  • Unearth indicators if there is fame and celebrity status within your birth chart

  • Witness timing techniques that is essential for career and money prediction

  • Learn everything listed above in the first section of this Healing Money Wounds & Discovering Career with Purpose page


Session Duration:

1 Hour. 


Session Requirements:

  • Need to know your own birth time, birth day, place of your birth
  • Be promptly on time of session when it has been confirmed and scheduled in
  • Fill out the email that has been sent over to you with the proper correct information provided
  • Access to the Internet via Google Meet
  • Unable to access Google Meet? Other video conference call platforms can be provided for you.


Session Experience:

A live Google Meet video + audio session. Live video calls are safe and supportive environments to cultivate peace and security with people nationally and internationally within the convenience of [the client] being at home or on vacation.


Session Terms, Conditions & Boundaries Before Buying:

  • This service requires the client to use a primary email address for contacting and reaching out for the schedule calendar to be sent out to them [the client].
  • This service requires promptly being on time on the day [of] the scheduled session.
  • This service provides one rescheduled session if the original session has been missed.
  • One rescheduled session has to be made upon 30 days. It will not succeed over the 30 day mark.
  • This service is permanet and non-refundable after payment has been completed.
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