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Spiritual Mentoring & Council (Plática) for Returning Mentees or Students

Spiritual Mentoring & Council (Plática) for Returning Mentees or Students


This spiritual mentoring and curanderismo platica session is for any returning mentees and for our Pleroma & The Waters: Energetic Fine Arts School members.


Curanderismo Platicas also known as Spiritual Counseling Sessions is a healing shamanic practice that focuses on spiritual development, body and soul integration, receiving channeled wisdom and guidance about life ahead, and experiencing restoration. 


The indigenous tradition of curing through platicas lives on as an interweaving of spiritual counseling, coaching and shamanic energy clearing. Platicas are an essential tool in curing, healing and self-discovery. This is an Earth-based technique for accessing your heart's wisdom and consciousness.


Our Platicas will integrate spiritual counseling, coaching and limpias (shamanic energy clearing).


We are in a special and pivotal time in consciousness within our quantum-living Universe of an Old World ending on planet Earth as an New Earth emerges into real rebirth. It is a walk between two completely different worlds, one unconscious and one conscious, that thousands of people are living through, learning multiple life lessons from, growing and awakening into higher information, clarity and rememberance within.


It is during the spiritual walk in life that a person will experience seeing their shadows and traumas, in addition to witnessing first-hand and second-hand direct experiences of other people's unconsciousness, shadows, traumas and even their power plays become broadcasted and seen. As an intuitive and empathic person, you will experience challenges in life on how to navigate through the underworld of the Earth and an unhealed humanity while equally being called to the higher worlds of Earth that contains clarity, justice, divinity, knowledge, sacredness, community, love, decolonization and healing.


Expanding open through the Dark Night of the Soul initation of any spiritual journey is intense and it will be one of the most potent goal posts within the your Destiny Timeline Path to learn and graduate from. 


Through that phase of the spiritual awakening beginning, you will experience how much you have lost parts and pieces of yourself behind, especially from old trauma timelines and dark or emotional history that came from your past.


In this Spiritual Mentoring & Council Session, I will be honoring my Ancestral Ways of Afro-Taino & Cherokee Indigenous Cosmologies, Shamanism, Healing Rites, Rituals, Earth Medicine and Curanderismo to bring into the personal session: grounded love, healing, wisdom, knowledge, support, therapy, discernment and sharing spiritual disciplines, guidance, corrections and insights to you that will be channeled by Great Spirit related to your personal life questions, struggles, fears, traumas, relationship conflicts, woundings and problems.


  • This is a 1 hour 30 min. spiritual mentoring session
  • Spiritual counseling
  • Strengthening spiritual faith
  • Restoring and repairing spiritual foundations
  • Shamanic recapitulation
  • Healing dysfunctional and unconscious patterns in relationships with others and with Self
  • Healing spiritual, emotional and mental illnesses, diseases, and soul loss
  • Release stubborn blocks
  • Shamanic energy clearing and healing (limpia)
  • Answer deep life questions, spiritual questions and receive clairvoyant channeling by Great Spirit and the Ancestors



Once booking this session, an automatic email will be sent to you from the email you listed when booking at the check out page and it will contain the calendar scheduling in order to schedule your session in. 


We ask that when booking this session that you use your main (primary) email account that you are actively on so that you receive the automatic email.


This session is permanet sale and non-refunable.


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